30 Foods that Start With E

Food available to use all over the world is countless. Familiarizing ourselves with all at once is an impossible task.

One surefire way to acquaint yourself with many types of food and not feel overwhelmed is looking at them according to the letters that begin with.

For the sake of the article, I have put together a list of foods that start with E.


1- 10 Foods That Begin With E

1. English Muffins

English muffins are popular in Australia and North America as breakfast and are usually served with sweet toppings of butter, honey, or jam.

For a savory finish, you could serve with some hollandaise sauce and eggs.

Bearing the name “English” does not mean they originated from or are popular in England, it’s just a way to differentiate them from the American muffins.

Unlike the American Muffin that makes use of baking soda, the English muffin uses yeast to give it a lift. They are so delicious you’ll find it difficult to not ask for more after your first taste.

2. Egg Roll

Egg Roll

I love egg rolls and am very sure am not the only one on this.

For those who are not familiar with this Chinese food, they are a cylindrical, deep-fried, savory roll traditionally wrapped with filings such as shredded pork and cabbage.

There are a variety of other meat alternatives like beef, chicken; and also vegetarian options. They are favorite restaurant menu and party menu items, whether as a game snack, an appetizer or just to satisfy your hankering for Chinese food.

You can serve alongside sweet and sour sauce or sweet chili sauce.

3. Escargot


Planning a trip to France? Get ready for one of their traditional and classic dish – the escargot. You can’t miss this dish in their top-class restaurants.

While they may not be popular in American environs, they are favorite delicacies in Europe.

Escargots are simply cooked snails served with a variety of combinations such as blue cheese sauce and garlic butter. The snails are usually removed from the shells and cooked, and then placed back before being presented.

Escargot is doubtless a simple but flavorful dish loaded with so much nutrition that the body won’t be able to recover from so easily.

4. Egg Noodles

Egg Noodles

Do you want a really tasty breakfast? Then, you probably need egg noodles. This dish is known all over the world but is common in Asian recipes.

They are known by different names in different countries. For instance, in German cuisine you have the spatzle, in Turkey, you have the kesme and in Jewish recipes, you have the lochshen.

Much more than their taste is their tender texture. Egg Noodles are simply noodles made from a combination of flour and egg. They are a great way to start your day whether eaten plain or with toppings such as butter, beef stroganoff, or bread.

5. Empanada


Here’s another snack food I bet you will fall in love with.

Empanada is a fried or baked Latin-American or Spanish pastry usually packed with filling such as gooey cheese, seasoned meat, corn, and vegetables. It is also popular in the Philistines.

It features crusty and soft dough, which together with the fillings makes it so yummy. You’ve probably been overly used to the likes of pizza, pasta, and burgers, it’s time to experience the delicious empanada. This could just be your new-found favorite food.

Indulge this flavorful flaky light pastry and you’ll never forget it in a hurry.

6. Ensaimada

Here’s another Spanish favorite on the list. Ensaimada is a sweet bread made with ingredients such as mother dough, flour, sugar, eggs, pork lard, and water.

This pastry comes in a circle-shaped flattened piece of dough with a spiral of at least two clockwise directed turns. It usually features a golden coating which is a result of its baking, and also a brittle, crisp, and firm texture.

This is an internationally renowned dessert and can be easily seen carried as a souvenir by travelers at the island’s airport. It is a perfect menu option for holiday breakfast and/or brunch. it can also fit in as an afternoon snack or treat.

7. Enchiladas

This dish gets its name from the Spanish word enchlar, which means to season with chili.

This is a popular Mexican classic that typically features chicken or beef and other fillings, wrapped in a corn tortilla and covered in green or red sauce. The filling can comprise ingredients such as cheese, pork beans, and veggies, and so on.

The sauce can vary from salsa, marinara, melted – either separately or combined. This is one of the foods in my opinion packs a great deal of rich and deliciously complex flavors.

Whether as a side dish or main dish, enchiladas remain one of my favorite.

8. Edamame Beans

Edamame Beans

Edamame is a fancy name for boiled green soybeans and is common with Japanese restaurants. Their popularity is gradually growing in western countries. They are plant-based foods, edible and soft, and tasty too.

Unlike other types of beans, edamame is considered and used more like a vegetable and is served while still inside its pod. You’ll have to pop out the beans before eating them. They can be eaten as a snack or added to dishes such as salads, noodles, stews, or soups.

Edamame is packed with a variety of nutrients that are very essential for human survival.

9. Egg Foo Yung

The Egg Foo Yung is yet another popular dish in Asian areas and Chinese restaurants. Even in the USA, you can still find them being served, especially at Chinese restaurants.

This Chinese omelet is a mix of eggs with veggies and meat. Meat sources can include beef, chicken, pork, or shrimp, and vegetable option can be chopped carrots, peas, bell peppers, and water chestnuts.

As far as Chinese take-outs are concerned, this omelet is one of the healthiest. It is also a great choice of dish for a simple family dinner. An ideal partner to go along with this tasty dish is steamed rice.

10. Elbow Macaroni

Elbow Macaroni

If you are looking for a simple and quick dish to prepare for say lunch or dinner, this is one choice to consider.

Elbow Macaroni is a type of pasta that comes in a short semi-circle curved tubular shape. Basically, they are made from durum wheat and are particularly common in North America.

They are versatile and popular with the millennial, partly because of the short time it takes to prepare it. This tasty dish pairs well with just any sauce available, from soups to salads, stir-fry dishes, and baked recipes.


11-20 Foods That Start With The Letter E

11. Escabeche

Foods That Start With E

You probably have never heard of this exotic food. If you ever desire a dish that possesses an awesome taste for your special occasion and is also easy to put together, think escabeche.

It is simply a dish where fish (traditionally a tilapia or any that is fat and wide) is fried and marinated in an acidic solution such as citrus juice and vinegar.

Other than fish, you can use any meat source such as beef. Its versatility knows no bounds but depends on your creativity. This is a perfect dish to have in a menu list of any occasion or gathering.

12. Erbazzone

Be warned, this meal is known to be terribly addictive, and a healthy meal option all at the same time.

The Erbazzone basically features two discs of puff pastry packed with fillings of greens such as chard, onion, eggs, Parmigiano Reggiano, and bacon.

The simple ingredients and their easy availability (in their gardens) made this dish a traditional Italian peasant favorite. It is gradually changing as recent recipes of this dish calls for spinach Dandelion instead of the usual chard.

Another alternative is borage or a mix of both or the three. The result is nothing short of a richer taste.

13. Egg Salad

Egg Salad

Having eggs on their own is great, but turning them into a salad takes it to next level of goodness.

This for me is a perfect option for a simple lunch – any day anytime. In fact, it is a timeless comfort dish. I am yet to find a more picnic-perfect dish than a creamy egg salad recipe.

It features hard-boiled eggs, mustard, homemade mayonnaise, and crunchy mix-ins. That’s a lot of protein and creaminess packed.

It is usually served spread on say two slices of bread, or over a few butter lettuce wraps. It is also perfect for sandwiches.

14. Escallop

An escalope is a very tender dish and of course tasty. It usually feels fancy but is actually simple in preparation.

This dish as implied by its name originated from France and is made up of thinned out pieces of boneless meat. This is usually done using a rolling pin or a mallet.

Veal originally was the type of meat used, because, at the first appearance of this dish in cookery lexicon, this meat was most popular.

But, other options include pork, lamb, and chicken. Chicken seems to be a favorite these days.

15. Eggo Waffles

One of the best things to happen to toasters after the bread is Eggo waffles. Just like bread, they are a breakfast staple, easy and convenient to prepare. All you have to do is pop in the oven or toaster for just a couple of minutes.

This food is a product of pantry-perfect ingredients such as wheat, milk, soy, egg, and so on. It is no wonder they feature an irresistible homemade taste.

With the crispy outside and fluffy inside, it is a great way to get your morning started. They are great for quick desserts, confectionery treats, and making sandwiches.

16. Escarole

You can’t talk about an Italian wedding soup without a mention of escarole. Just kidding – you can, it just won’t be right.

If you are a fan of Italian food, this is one food you want to encounter. Its looks are like that of lettuce. Usually, the outer leaves are chewy and bitter, while its inner leaves (yellow) are more tender and sweeter.

This food is most often braised down or sautéed and served as a side dish with beans. I love foods that are nutrient-dense, and escarole is not left out; as it boasts many potential benefits to human health. Escaserol comes in handy in stews, pasta, and salads.

17. Emmenthal


Emmenthal, otherwise known as Emmental or Emmentaler is a yellow (or light gold), medium-hard cheese characterized by large holes and originated in Switzerland, in the canton of Bern, the area around Emmental.

This is indeed Switzerland’s most important and oldest cheese made from cow milk. This Swiss-type cheese features a delightfully intricate flavor (nutty-sweet, and mellow), is sweet, and aromatic. It holds an integral place in Swiss heritage.

It is thus versatile and can suit all manners of cooking escapades. It can be used in a variety of forms such as cheese plates, an apres-dinner fruit or snacks.

18. Éclair


Eclair is a French pastry with a spread of custard and a topping of chocolate.

It is believed that its name which in French translates “lightning”. This implies that, once you get wind of it, it is only a matter of seconds, and they are gone.

They can be made into forms such as sandwiches, pies, dessert, and so on. The best part is that it doesn’t need baking. You won’t need a stove or oven.

The hardest part on the other hand is you have to wait for it to stay in the refrigerator all night to eat it. Ultimately, this is a great dessert for any crowd. They won’t fail to fall in love with it. They are scrumptious, indulgent, and absolutely delicious.

19. Eggplant

The Eggplant is originally Indian cuisine; its a very functional, versatile, and one of the most common at that.

It refers to a nightshade vegetable of the likes of potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes. Actually, it is technically a fruit, but it is considered a vegetable.

Its inside features a hearty texture that gives it a meaty look. In recent times, the eggplant has been gaining a lot of recognition in food culture. They are delicious, rich, and nutritious all at the same time.

They can be baked, steamed, or roasted in the oven. They can also be served by themselves or as an addition to curries and stews.

20. Eggnog


Looking for a beverage to spice up your holiday season and gathering? The Eggnog is just what you need.

Most popular in the US and Canada, the Eggnog is basically made with eggs (egg yolks and whites), milk, and a touch of alcohol in form of spirits.

Depending on the particular recipe, it tastes spectacular – from that of coconut to vanilla to warm spices. Its creaminess and wonderful flavors have the capacity to impress and improve any occasion and gathering.

This beverage can be served chilled or warmed up, depending on the occasion and time of the day.


21-30 Foods That Begin With The Letter E

21. Embutido


Ever since I came across this delicious food, I no longer worry about dinner with unexpected guests or on busy weeknights.

The Embutido is generally a Filipino version of meatloaf prepare with ground pork and a combination of onions, bell pepper, raisins, relish, and carrots.

For special cases, you get to find hard-boiled eggs and sausage parked in its middle. With or without this addition, it still comes out with a great taste.

It is very difficult not to find this sausage during special gatherings and occasions such as birthdays, Fiesta, and even during holidays. For a perfect pair, use rice and/or banana catsup.

22. Emu

You probably have never tried this food before, but I guarantee that once you do, you will desire to have more.

It is gradually becoming a worthy contender with beef for space dinner plates. Emu refers to the meat of a bird known by the same name but has the taste of beef.

This bird happens to be native to Australia (the biggest in the area), and one of the second largest bird in the world – with ostrich topping the list.

It features a distinctive flavor that doesn’t need the inclusion of spices and sauces. Otherwise, you can serve with your choice of marinades and sauces.

23. Enset

Enset is a tree that offers a potato-like food, even though it is banana-like. It is enormous and large-sized that it draws the attention of people where ever they are found.

It is largely discovered in Ethiopia but has over the years been underexploited even though it holds significant potential.

In fact, you can hardly hear about it outside of the country. I am certain that this is your first time hearing about this crop, except you’re from the said region – Ethiopia.

You should give it a try when you get the chance to and you won’t regret it.

24. Earthnut

This tuberous earthnut pea is a vegetable that has existed for a long time now. It is perennial in nature and is commonly found in Asia and Europe – particularly their warm parts.

For a type of tuber, this vegetable tastes like a chestnut. The Earthnut pea can be prepared by simply boiling or roasting and the taste is nothing short of fantastic.

As far as root vegetables are concerned, this is perhaps the best you will find, thanks to its wonderful, nutty aroma.

25. Endives


Endives are one of the lightest and easy to digest food that you will find these days. They are also one the healthiest you will get. This is no surprise knowing that they’re leafy greens.

They are characterized by a mildly bitter flavor and crispy structure; which thus makes them a perfect pair with salads.

But, when cooked, either by steaming, braising, or grilling, it gives out a sharp flavor which in turn created a mellow sweetness.

I like to saute it. This is a great way to take advantage of its tons of flavor. This vegetable can also be served raw – the choice is yours.

26. Elote


If you are a huge fan of corn, it’s time for more indulgent with elote. This is one food I have at sundry times heard people saying they die for!

This is a popular Mexican corn recipe that makes for a great side dish for summer potlucks and BBQs. It is common to find them all over the streets of Mexico – hence the name Mexican Street Corn.

It has in recent times become popular in America as well: in Mexican restaurants, fairs, and festivals. It is so delicious that at your first taste of it, you will forget about any other Corn recipe you have ever tried. You can trust me on this!

27. Eggie Bread

One of the most liked comfort dishes I have come across is this eggy bread. In minutes, you have yourself a delicious meal.

Originally, this food is prepared using vanilla, spices (such as cinnamon), and sugar. This recipe goes by many names and variations depending on where it is made.

Amongst the most popular are: French toast, Gypsy toast, and German toast. For more twist of sweetness, you can add fruit or cinnamon and yogurt. For a savory twist, you can add grilled tomatoes and avocado.

28. Eccles Cakes

Many say that this is one of the most delicious pastries they’ve ever tasted! While I may not be that assertive, one thing I can tell you is that they are really nice.

It’s no wonder it is tops the list of Britain’s most beloved and famous pastries. Don’t pay attention to the cake in its name, they are a flat and round buttery pastry filled with spices and fruits, and then baked.

They are a perfect partner for an afternoon tea. For the best experience, ensure to eat it straight from the oven.

29. Egg Drop Soup

One part of the world full of varied and delicious soups is China. One of such is the egg drop soup. This is one of the few soups you get to cook with minimal ingredients and yet so fun and flavorful.

It is traditionally prepared with lightly seasoned veggie or chicken broth and ribbons or whisked eggs. This soup is popular at every Chinese restaurant around the US and is perfect for lunch, dinner, or an appetizer.

The egg drop soup is so versatile and can be a great partner with the likes of orange chicken, broccoli and beef, shrimps, and so on.

30. Elephant Yam

Except you have been to India, I can tell that you are yet to experience the Elephant foot yam. They are commonly found in Asian countries around the world like India.

Elephant yam (Elephant foot yam), otherwise known as suran is usually prepared and consumed like a vegetable. It is characterized by a funny look and as suggested in its name resembles an elephant’s foot.

It has a taste like that of a potato. That already gives you an idea of how tasty it can get. This vegetable can be used in a wide range of dishes. It is particularly an awesome partner with steamed rice, together with Tambli and rasam or sambar.


Final Words On Foods Starting With E

There you go with a few of the food beginning with e. With the alphabet E, there are quite many foods to list off without doing thorough research. This cannot be said about all other alphabets like foods that start with z.

I hope you find my list quite useful and informative. If you have any suggestion or contribution about any others you think is worthy of mention, you can let me know in the comments section below.

I’ll be glad to hear from you and respond to you as well.

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