Aluminum Foil Alternative, Substitute, And Replacement (WHAT TO USE INSTEAD)

If you are looking for an aluminum foil alternative, then it would only mean that it no longer produces the results you might be looking for. Or that you’re looking to diversify your option in grilling your meals.

You know, it is also advisable to avoid using aluminum foil to grill your meals, but then again, what is a substitute for aluminum foil to grilling your meals.

Before we go into finding out what to use instead of aluminum foil for grilling your meals, how about some of the reasons why using aluminum foils for your meals may not be so healthy.


Reasons Why Aluminum Foils May Not Be Fit For Grilling Your Food?

1. The Aluminum Foil Causes Alzheimer

Some researchers researched the effects of aluminum in drinking water, and they discovered that it causes Alzheimer’s in its users.

If there is a high concentration of aluminum in water (it is high in aluminum foil), then the risk of having Alzheimer’s is very high. The same applies to aluminum foil; because of the high concentration of aluminum in it, which may cause Alzheimer’s.

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2. The Aluminum In The Foil Leaches In Your Food

One of the reasons why people don’t like eating leached meals is because nutrient in it is lost. And if our bodies absorb that leached food then it could cause some serious health problems.

More often than not, our meals are spicy or very hot. When you combine that with the fact that the food is leached then the chemical reaction might be devastating.

The human body should be able to and can excrete 1 mg/kg body mass per day. But if you use the aluminum foil to grill or cook your meals, then you may be taking more than the required excretal ratio per day and this could cause serious organ dysfunctions.

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Is Aluminum Good Or Bad?

There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t use aluminum foil, but one of them seems to stand out from the rest. And that is the fact that you cannot reuse it (even though you can recycle aluminum foil after usage).

Most people may not know this, but you can recycle aluminum (it is 100% recyclable). And it takes only 5% of the energy that was needed for its extraction, to recycle it. But then again, you don’t want to use it again unless you’re going into the recycling business.

It might also interest you to know that aluminum is the third most abundant natural resource in the world. Yet it may be bad for you, how come?

Here is why it may be bad for you; because of the way, it reacts to food and other heated materials. It may cause some anomaly in the body when consumed (if the foil is used to cook), and result in some physical problems.

So although aluminum is suitable for industrial purposes, it is not ideal for cooking purposes. Unless it wants to be used to preservation.

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Aluminum Foil Replacement

Aluminum Foil Alternative


We have gone on and on about the health implications of taking aluminum foil. How about some great options on what can you use instead of aluminum foil.

1. Try Cooking The Food On Top Of One Another

Now, this alternative may sound absurd, but when you hear how it works, you will thank me.

Say you want to grill fish or meat or any animal product, and you plan on squeezing lemon on it. Rather than squeeze, you could put the lemon on the grill and place your fish or meat on it and grill it that way. This way, your meat, and fish doesn’t stick to the grill, and the flavor from the lemon slices get stuck to the fish.

2. A Stainless Steel Grill Basket Also Works

This grill basket can be obtained anywhere and it’s a good substitute for aluminum foil. Although many of them have an aluminum coating, you can still find some that are made from stainless steel.

They also come in various shapes and sizes and is perfect for holding fish vegetable, burgers, and other dishes you have.

Steaming with a stainless steel dome doesn’t sound so bad.

You may be able to use the basket to grill veggies, it cannot steam it, which is why you would need the steam dome. The steam dome is also a good substitute for aluminum foil.

With the steel dome, you can not only steam vegetables but also melt cheese in your burgers and soft cook your meat. If it can fit well in the grill basket, then you can use it as a steamer.

Have you tried using the cast iron cookware or oven-safe stainless steel?

If you haven’t, then you should. Using the cast iron cookware is safe for grilling. All you have to look out for is that the temperature is not so high for the cookware. You can use the oven-safe pan that has a lid on it to steam your veggies.



Many people have always had a feeling that using aluminum foil may be wrong and may prove dangerous for their system, and they are right. Although the aluminum foil may not seem harmful, constant usage of it may be very detrimental to the health and the environment.

You might want to consider other options for steaming, grilling, cooking, or preserving your meat, potatoes, fish, and vegetables.

Especially if it is still hot (undergoing the cooking process) and spicy (has lots of pepper), unless of course, you’re carrying a chemical experiment.

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