How to Reheat Tamales? (5 Ways In Reheating Tamales)

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Are you wondering what to do with all your tamale leftovers so as not to lose them? If you’re not well acquainted with tamales, you may be too quick to say reheat them.

As much as reheating tamales is an easy process, unlike other foods, it can be quite technical. And if not properly done may bring an end to its freshness and pristine quality. Thereby spoiling its taste.

Tamale is a very delicate dish and requires some sort of care in reheating. The goal here is how to reheat tamales to ensure that they taste as good as they did when you first prepared them.

But, don’t be bothered to thinking that it is too complicated because they are delicate. I can assure you that after reading this guide and the tips contained herein, you will know all there is on the best way to reheat tamales.


An Overview of Tamales

As much as the tamale is gaining popularity in America and beyond, it is a typical traditional Mexican dish, and in fact one of the most important ones.

It is a corn-based dough made of spicy fillings like vegetables, beef, cheese, pork, and meat, wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed.

The content of the filling depends on the taste and preference of the cook or occasion. The making of tamale has been a Mexican ritual since pre-colonial times. The fillings used was dependent on each specific festival.

They were also used as emergency and support food for long-distance travel, and hunting trips as they are portable. They can be home-made or purchased. Before eating, the wrapping can be discarded, or used as a plate with the tamale within.


5 Methods on How to Heat Up Tamales

How to Reheat Tamales

Method #1. Steamer

If you want to make sure that your Tamale’s fresh and pristine condition is maintained, this is one medium you should consider. , It is the best/most preferred way to reheat tamales because it keeps the tamales from getting dry.

Also, since it is pretty much the same procedure as cooking them, only that the time taken is less. If the tamale leftover is frozen, it is recommended to allow them to meltdown before steaming. This way, you avoid becoming watery and losing in on its taste.


1. Set up your steamer and fill with 1/4 cup of water

2. Turn the steamer heat to medium

3. Put in the tamales in a position where the open end is faced up

4, Cover the lid and allow to steam for about 20 minutes

5. If the tamales have been really frozen, allow for about 30 minutes

6. Carefully remove out of the steamer with the help of thongs


Method #2. How To Warm Up Tamales Using Stove

Reheating Tamales using a stove is an amazing way of getting your delicious food back to life. The stove’s heat does more than bring the tamale to life but brings out its rich flavor.

This technique gets your tamale feeling crispy on the outside and tasting juicy and spicy on its inside. This is adopted and most convenient as most households are used to cooking with stoves. It is also as fast as it is easy.


1. Set up your stove and turn on the heat to medium

2. Place your pan on the stove and preheat with one teaspoon of oil

3. Get your tamales, remove the husk and place them inside the pan

4. Cover the tamales using a lid

5. Check the tamales and flip them every 3 minutes

6. Stop cooking once the outside of the tamales turn crispy


Method #3. Reheating Tamales In Oven

This is yet another conventional and ideal way to heat your tamales. If heated properly, you are going to similar results to that of using a stove. This procedure gets the surface of your Tamales crispy and the fillings juicy.

A lot of people have preferred this procedure, together with using the stove because of the crispiness it gives to tamales. But, they take more time compared to the stove technique.


1. Preheat your oven to about 425 degrees Fahrenheit

2. Remove the tamales from the husk and wrap using aluminum foil

3. Squeeze tamales after wrapping to ensure no air is trapped

4. Caress the inside of the oven dish with a thin layer of butter

5. Place the oven dish into the oven and allow for 20 minutes

6. Halfway into 20 minutes, remove the dish and flip the tamales and put back in

7. After a total of about 20 minutes, your tamales are ready to be served


Method #4. Deep Fryer

Everyone loves fries! There is usually a unique taste that comes with foods that are fried. Knowing that the tamale can be fried is perfect. But, the only downside as is common to every fries is the calories you will garner as a result of the cooking oil you will have to submerge the tamales.

Generally, this technique is perfect for those who do not have any problem with the extra calories or desire to gain weight. Remove to defrost tamales that have been placed in a freezer before being fried.


1. Set up the heat of your deep fryer and raise heat to medium level

2. Preheat after putting preferred cooking oil

3. Take off the husk of the tamales and put into the deep fryer

4. Allow the tamales to cook for about 3 minutes

5. Remove from frying pans once skin turns brown golden


Method #5. Micro Wave

If you are well acquainted with a microwave, you should already expect this technique to be the easiest and fastest way to reheat tamales.

This is thus an ideal option when hunger strikes and you’re short of time. Or you have visitors over for dinner and you need the quickest possible of preparing the tamales.

But, this technique is rarely used because the tamales mostly end up with a soggy texture, unevenly warm, without its usual crispness and juicy taste.

When dealing with frozen tamales, it is recommended that you defrost for 2 to 3 minutes before putting into the microwave.


1. Fit a few tamales into the microwave-safe plate

2. Using a wet paper towel, wrap each tamale or place on top of the tamales

3. Place inside the microwave and allow to heat for about 3 minutes depending in your microwave power

4. Remove tamales from microwave, unwrap from the towel and serve


Final Words On How to Reheat Tamales

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the techniques of how to reheat tamales? I am of the opinion that a good meal such as tamales should be enjoyed, even when its a leftover.

This, of course, is possible if reheated properly by following the above methods and steps. A reheated tamale should not taste less enjoyable than when it was fresh.

So, now you no longer have to be worried about cooking or purchasing too many tamales for fear of wasting them when not able to consume all in one seating.

You just store them in the refrigerator and simply reheat the next time you’re to eat them.

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