How Long Does Cooked Rice Last In The Fridge?

To start with, you will agree with me that in many cultures and indeed countries, one of the most staple food you have is rice. This is one food you can’t fail to find being consumed many times on a daily basis.

Also, you can hardly find someone who doesn’t know how to cook this staple at least at the basic level. Due to its frequent consumption, it is most likely to always have leftover. This is where knowing how to store cooked rice is important.

No matter how plain the rice is cooked, every cooked rice goes bad. Of course, the best way to avoid spoilage is usually popping into the fridge. As much as you should refrigerate it, there’s a limit to how many days it can last before it becomes something not worthy of eating.

You want to make sure you consume before such time, so as not to get sick when you do so. As you read on, you will be equipped with all you need to know about this subject.

So, How Long Does Cooked Rice Last In The Fridge? Short Answer is 4-6 days. Read on for more information.


Methods of Preparing Rice

How Long Does Cooked Rice Last In The Fridge

Rice can be boiled with a few cups of water and with salt added to achieve that soft texture. There are recipes that need it being half boiled and steamed with a meat or vegetable mixture. There is also what is known as brown rice, garlic rice, or rice combined with beans. Any of these methods is sure going to get your mouth watering before long.

After cooking, the rice can be served with some sort of savory dishes like lentils, baked/grilled fish, chicken curry and a couple of other varieties depending on which culture or country you’re residing.

For instance, a place like China cooks rice as a meal in itself. Sometimes, it is seasoned or flavored with seeds, but ultimately it is rolled and eaten with chopsticks. Additionally, cooked rice is used in stir-fries and also as sushi filling. In a place like India, you find rice made into fried crackers and sweet puddings.

Bottom line is, a lot of cultures and countries in the world have rice as the basis of their dishes and cuisines: Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino.


Why You Should Care?

As much as there is nothing to fear, as it is not so easy for cooked rice to get bad, it is advised by some expert individuals and websites to be careful.

Rice is most of the part carbohydrate and contains little protein, and as such the bacteria responsible for food poisoning are usually absent, particularly at the initial stage of storage. But, at some point, this food can develop Bacillus cereus spores, which in turn releases toxins responsible for food poisoning.

So, it goes without saying that the longer cooked rice stays, even in its preserved state, the more unhealthy it can be as a result of the presence of harmful bacteria in/on it. Apart from the fact that the food will deteriorate in taste and quality, it also poses danger to health.


How To Tell If A Cooked Rice Has Gone Bad?

Knowing when your cooked rice has gone bad is no rocket science. It does not take an expert to know if your cooked rice has already gone bad. One of the best ways one could know is by paying attention to its hardness or dryness which is a result of air exposure.

Also, paying attention to the color of the rice helps. Depending on the type of rice, a yellowish coloration, a lighter or darker appearance of its normal color is a sign that it is not advisable to consume anymore. Of course, the presence of mold is something to look out for.

Other than the visual cues, the smell that oozes from the food will let you know if your rice has gone bad. A foul smell is a sign that it is no longer safe to eat.


How To Store Cooked Rice?

 how long can cooked rice stay in the fridge

One reason to worry about the condition of your cooked rice is that at this point they are very moist, and as such can be a breeding ground for bacteria growth. To extend its shelf life, you want to start with properly storing the leftover rice as quickly as possible, and a perfect option for that is with placing it in the refrigerator.

But, before popping it into the refrigerator, it is necessary to ensure the rice gets cooled for about twenty minutes. While you’re preparing to do so, first of all, transfer the cooked rice into a resealable bag or airtight container. Ensure that the bag or container has been air-dried as much as possible.

While there’s no exact answer to how long the cooked will last on this condition, when done properly, that is, kept in an airtight container, the quality of cooked rice can be maximized to about 4 – 6 days. As long as the humidity level is minimum, you don’t have any problem with your rice.

But, if you want to push your luck, the rice can last for an additional one of two days. So generally, anytime within a week is okay to allow cooked rice to stay in the refrigerator without any problem or fear of getting spoilt.


Final Words On How Long Does Rice Last In The Fridge

As much as it is best to avoid leftovers of food, there are times when it happens. Sometimes, you may want to prepare much so that it lasts for more than one sitting/batch and saves you the stress of having to prepare again. In that case, it is important to know how long does cooked rice can last.

You already should have an idea of the answer by now, particularly when it comes to refrigerating it. If you have no choice but to entertain leftover rice, ensure to do this needful as suggested above. This way, you can ensure your food is not just safe for consumption and enjoyable as well.

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