What is the best way to consume jello? As shots (your legendary jello shots), or as jam, or as a pop stick? I can’t possibly decide that for you but what I can tell you is that jello is right, whatever way you choose to take it as.

But one thing still keeps people in the dark, and that is whether it is possible freezing jello. Although many persons may know the answer to this question, if I were them, I would not be so quick to answer the question, because you never know if does jello freeze, and if you can, what steps do you need to take to freeze the jello?

Are they easy to freeze or are they complicated? Does freezing jello ruin it? What use is frozen jello? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself before you go into the business of jello freezing (if it is a business).

Can You Freeze Jello


So What Is Jello?

Many of you might have heard of Jello, but most of you probably don’t know that Jello is a brand name from one Kraft food (I know right?).

Because of this nondisclosure as to the real nature of Jello, many people enjoy it in snacks and other foodstuffs, without really knowing its true manufacturers. But this is not why we are here; we are here to know what Jello is really.

Jello is sweet Gelatin, but if I stop the definition there, it won’t do you much good. Jello is a form of Gelatin that forms an unsecured bond with more Gelatin forms.

So it is a bond of strings of other gelatin coming together to create one big Jello snack. The bonds are not even close to being covalent or ionic, and it deals more with the connections of gelatin threads to form a Gelatin bond.

Now gels (the ones you use on your hair) have ionic bonds, bonding each gelatin molecules together, but the Jello does not have that kind of advanced bond, in fact, it is so loose, you can cut through it with threads.

You can find gelatin of this kind inside the boiling bones of animals like the pig and cows. After going through the rigorous process to becoming Jello, you can then enjoy your bone riveting Jello.


Is It Possible For Jello To Go Bad?

Is Jello a snack? Yes. Is it a human-made product? Yes. Is it edible? Yes. When you answer these questions, then you might be one step closer to answering the question. But, in order not to keep you in suspense, yes! Jello can go rancid.

The fact that it is high in sugar alone can make it go bad. Sugar and water go bad (which are the primary ingredient of the Jello), so Jello can go bad too. When you keep Jello in the fridge for too long, it goes bad. The highest amount of days your Jello can stay in the freezer is 7 to 10 days.

Since it is a quick dessert, it will be absurd to keep for so long. They are appetizers and should be eaten as such. You could even enjoy it as a boozy delight.


Can You Freeze Jello? What Happens When You Freeze Jello?

can i freeze jello

Does Jello Freeze? Yes. Is it hard to freeze Jello? Not so much.

Since Jello is made with almost wholly water and sugar, it is possible that you can freeze the Jello. Although freezing may be easy (technically), the hard part is eating the frozen Jello.

Freezing the Jello doesn’t make become firm and icy like ice cubes, because it is gelatin, but one sure thing to expect when you freeze Jello is that it loses its texture. What happens is that the polymer and the colloids in the gelatin that binds it together are destroyed, after freezing making it not just harmful to eat but also to look at.

Can you freeze jello shots? You might be wondering if the same effect will happen to Jello shots or Jello with alcohol in it; yes, the results will be the same.

But the time it will take to freeze the alcohol will be a lot slower than regular Jello, seeing that alcohol has a lower freezing rate than regular beverages. So in order to freeze Jello shots, then you’ll need for the freezer to be below -97 degree Celsius.

The only problem is that most freezers freezing limit is -20 degrees Celsius. Following this analogy, it is not possible that the Jello shots will freeze completely.


Can You Unfreeze Jello?

Well, yes you can unfreeze Jello, seeing that it mostly waters and sugar that can be frozen, then, by all means, it can be unfrozen. But you won’t possibly expect the Jello to return to the state because most of the threaded molecules holding the gelatin together have been destroyed by the freezing, so unfreezing it would give it that marshy look, and trust me, you don’t want to eat that.

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The truth is this, Jellos are enjoyable and are probably one of the most eaten desserts (thanks to the fact that it is served in bars as well), and because of that, it is a favorite dessert for most people.

Kids and adults alike love this tasty snack (with a little be of alcohol in it for the adults), which is why it can’t be taken from homes all around the world.

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