How Many Ounces In A Shot?

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What is a shot?

Why do you need to know how many ounces are in a shot?

Do different shots have different ounces or are the number of ounces the same all through? How can the number of ounces in a shot be measured?

I used to enjoy taking shots because I thought the alcohol content in the drink would help me lose weight. Or confer some advantage on my Body Mass till I began to add weight. And I began to look into how many calories of foods and ounces of liquids make up my daily intake.

This is why I put together this article, so that a few myths and fallacies may be debunked. And so you are better informed about that glass you cannot wait to have on Friday night!


What is a Shot?

“Shots” are also called “Shooters” in some places. And this word is used in bars, restaurants, parties, and hangouts.

A shot is a small serving of mixed drinks, or spirits usually served in a small glass that looks like a miniature tumbler, called a Shot Glass. Let me back up a little and break this down bit by bit.

Spirits are alcoholic drinks that are distilled and usually contain an Alcohol by Volume (ABV) rate of between 20% to as high as 90%. Most spirits are labeled by certain features e.g. the brand name and the kind of spirit, the alcohol by volume (or ABV) and usually the generic warning about the dangers of alcohol.

Shots are usually advised to be consumed in a single gulp, and they are served as “sides” either to dishes or to a larger drink (e.g. Tequila, Rum, Irish Cream, Non-alcoholic bases, Beer, etc.).

Shots are either poured, shaken, stirred, blended or layered and are served mostly at bars by bartenders. Nowadays, bartenders have their signature shots, so you could walk into a bar and enjoy a signature creation by a bartender.

Also, shots vary from bartender to bartender, and even between regions. So you can have two shots with the same name but with different ingredients. Or even two shots with different names but largely the same ingredients.


How Many Oz In A Shot?

How Many Ounces In A Shot

The same way shot flavors differ between bartenders and regions is the same way ounces in shots differ. There are times when it felt like the shot you had in a particular bar was larger in quantity than the shot you are used to. Don’t worry, it was not all in your head.

The standard number of ounces in a shot glass is 1.50 ounces (which is approximately equal to 45 ml). But the various number of ounces per country are indicated below:

Number of Ounces (oz.)
South Africa/United Kingdom0.84
United States1.48
SourceWikipedia, 2017


Why Should You Know How Many Ounces Are In Your Shot?

It is very important to know how many ounces are in that shot you are about to consume for one major reason: to know how much alcohol is going into your system.

Studies have shown that the amount of alcohol in two shots takes at least three hours to filter out of your system. and so it is necessary to know this and thus know your alcohol limit and the time to put a stop to those shots in one night. You also would not want to go beyond the legal drink limit allowed.

You may also need to ask the bartender whenever you are about to take that shot. It is the prudent thing to do, to avoid a spike in the alcohol level in your system.


How Can The Number Of Ounces In A Shot Be Measured?

You must have seen bartenders pour spirits into a tiny cylindrical hourglass-shaped cup before transferring it into the serving glass. This cylindrical cup is called a JIGGER.

Jiggers can either be metal or plastic and looks like two shot glasses joined together at the base, with one cup larger than the other. The jigger is the shot measuring glass, and can be used not only in bars but can be used at home to make your personal signature cocktail.

The jigger helps you measure the right amount of alcohol needed in that cocktail, and gives you the right balance between a perfect blend and a drink that makes you feel like you are drinking liquid fire.

You can browse through any of the links to buy a jigger;

1. Bell Jigger

2. OXO SteeL Double Jigger

3. Double Cocktail Jigger

You can also watch videos of how to use a Jigger by clicking on any of the following links;


Final Words On How Many Ounces In A Shot?

In essence, the amount of ounces you take in a shot is very important to your health, your taste buds and it is very prudent.

Asking for the number of ounces in that shot can even make you look more attractive to that lady across the bar (just saying!) And if you are interested in making your own cocktails at home, you might want to get a jigger using any of the links listed above.

You can even browse through and find a more preferable pick of your choice.

So, when next you go to that bar, ask that bartender how many ounces are in that shot, and watch that conversation spark up. Like they always say, do not forget to drink responsibly!

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