When To Take Turmeric Pills And Capsules?

Turmeric is a spice derived from the turmeric plant. You might be familiar with it since it is a primary ingredient in curry.

Aside from its universal use for food, turmeric is also used as medicine. People use it to treat high cholesterol, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, gallbladder disorders, irritable bowel, and some skin conditions.

This wonderful herb also serves as an inflammatory agent and a potent antioxidant. It benefits the brain, helps with weight loss, soothes pains, enhances the healing of wounds, helps elevate the mood and many other benefits.

If you want to use turmeric for any of the health benefits it offers, or you only want to take it to improve your health, and you are wondering when to take turmeric or how to take it, you’ve come to the right place.

Taken the right way and at the right time is a crucial thing to watch out for to get all the benefits it has to offer.

This topic is vital, and you should stay glued as I discuss how and when to use turmeric, the best time of the day and the best way to take the supplement, etc.




Choosing A Quality Supplement

The ability to identify the right turmeric supplement brand is one of the significant factors in using the product. The first step is to select the right brand of turmeric. If you need suggestions, you can try any of these: No products found. , No products found., No products found., etc.

The crucial thing is to ensure you use organic turmeric with all-natural ingredients. Ensure it is not adulterated with fillers, colorings, and the likes of them.


How To Take Turmeric Pills/ Capsules



Let’s talk about the right dosage of turmeric pills to pop in. I cannot give a specific recommendation because some factors will determine the ideal dosage for you.

For instance, the formulation of the supplement matters, since it is different formulations for different conditions. At this point is where your purpose of using the supplement comes in. Your health condition will help you know what formulation is right for you then the quantity to take.

It is better to start from low when you are taking the supplement for the first time. You may try a capsule first and then increase it slowly to meet up with your recommended dosage.

Most products will have the appropriate dosage stated, but be sure to get the right formulation that suits your purpose of using it.

Best Time Of Day To Take Turmeric Supplements

The best time to take turmeric pills is at night after hours of having your dinner. Taking the pills at night has been reported to be more effective than any other time of the day, especially at bedtime. If your dosage requires a twice-daily intake of the pills, then it is advisable you use it in the morning before you have breakfast and at night, hours after eating.


Best Way To Take Turmeric



Include turmeric in your diet: To introduce turmeric to your system, it is convenient to begin by adding some of the powder into your daily meals. Whenever you cook, you can add some to your foods.

Did you know that black pepper helps in absorbing curcumin? Curcumin is the primary active substance in turmeric. The body cannot fully absorb the benefits of this spice, but with some black pepper, you are good to go.

Empty stomach: According to sources, your body absorbs curcumin more when you use it during fasting days. What it means is that it will work well when your stomach hasn’t had food. So, you may consider using your supplement before a meal. Or, you may take it around three to four hours after a meal. The most important thing is to ensure you use it on an empty stomach.

Turmeric tea: If you are a tea lover, turmeric tea may be desirable to you. You can boil some turmeric roots or powder in water and take it as tea. It is a traditional way of using the herb, and there were positive testimonials.

Even though curcumin is not soluble in water, researchers state that 10 minutes of boiling curcumin can increase its solubility by 12 folds.

Turmeric Milk: The turmeric milk recipe, also known as golden milk or Haldi Doodh in Indian since it originates from there, is a delicious way to take turmeric.

It is a combination of turmeric, dairy fat, and protein. Such a combo will allow for improved absorption of the herb’s benefits. Black pepper, cinnamon or ginger are other ingredients that add to its advantages.

Turmeric paste: Turmeric paste or golden paste contains three ingredients; good oil, e.g., olive oil or coconut oil, black pepper, and, of course, the turmeric itself. Like cooking, these three elements in this recipe enhances the absorption of the herb.



Turmeric is safe to use, as it contains no serious side effects if used properly and in the right dosage. If you use up to 8g, that’s safe. But, there shouldn’t be a reason to go that high in the first place.

Some of the slight symptoms you may face when using turmeric for the first time is a slight gastric symptom. But, this symptom will disappear in no time.

Furthermore, when taken in excesses, you may face serious gastric problems. Turmeric should be avoided by those with the risk of having kidney stones, and if you must or want to take it, it should be done moderately.



Turmeric is beneficial to the body. It can be used to cook as a spice, taken as a tea, golden milk, and so on. When made in any of these ways, the curcumin in it becomes soluble.

If you want to take turmeric as a supplement, or for whatever reason at that, ensure you go for the all-natural and organic products. They should be of excellent quality too. I showed you the following products as a suggestion above:

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