41 Delicious Foods That Start With N

Updated on November 01, 2023

Searching for diverse food options often leads to the challenge of discovering unique choices. The quest for variety in our meals can be exciting, but it’s not always easy to find options that align with our preferences and curiosity.

Here’s where we step in to simplify your culinary exploration. We’ve curated a list of delectable solutions to your quest for diverse dishes. Get ready to embark on a journey through the world of gastronomy, starting with foods that begin with the letter “N.” Say goodbye to monotonous meals and embrace the excitement of discovering new flavors.

From a nutritious and tropical fruit that bursts with flavor to a savory delight that’s a staple in many cuisines, our collection of “N” foods will tantalize your taste buds and broaden your culinary horizons. Stay with us as we unveil these enticing options, ensuring your dining experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.



List of 48 Foods Beginning With N

1. Nuggets

Nuggets refer to deep-fried or baked breaded and bartered chicken meat. They are a popular food all over the world and becoming a favorite in well-known restaurants.

They are rich in protein and as such can be helpful for those looking to lose weight.

2. Naan Bread

Naan Bread

Naan is a traditional leavened flatbread, a Western Asia cuisine (South Asia and the Caribbean).

This recipe is usually oven-baked with the use of wood or charcoal fire. It is low in calories and rich in protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, selenium, and manganese.

The best part is the simplicity in preparing such delicious food.

3. Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)

Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng is a traditional and popular Indonesian cuisine and is translated as fried rice.

This is a fragrant dish and ultimate comfort food for spice lovers and is traditionally served with a fried egg.

A distinguishing characteristic of the rice is its dark brown color of the rice due to the soy sauce (ketjap manis/kecap manis).

4. Nankhatai

Nankhatai is a traditional Indian shortbread biscuit. It is particularly popular in Northern India and Pakistan.

They are a product of the combination of all-purpose flour, sugar, ghee, and spicing of nutmeg and cardamom.

But, one recipe can vary with another. This is a popular tea time cookie and can be found in any Indian bakery shop.

5. Nougat


Nougat is a blend of confections prepared by sugar or honey, crunchy nuts except minced candied fruits.

There are many recipes on how best to make the nougat, with each providing a different outcome. This basic recipe should be sweet, chewy, with delicate scents.

It is quite easy to prepare but requires careful timing for the best possible outcome.

6. Noodles

Noodles are a type of unleavened dough food in the form of stretched and long strips or strings. Noodles are easy to prepare. All that is required to get them ready for consumption is boiling. It only takes as little as five minutes to whip them up.

Noodles make a nutritious and delicious side dish or even main meal.

7. Negus

Negus is a warm drink made from a combination of wine or port or wine, and hot water, sugar, species of oranges, and spices. Invented in the 18th century, this drink has gained popularity with a variety of recipes springing up. The best way to enjoy Negus is to serve in a wine glass.

8. Nachos

Nachos refer to a dish consisting of heated tortilla chips. It originated from Northern Mexico and is often served as an appetizer or snack. Depending on how elaborate the recipe is, they can be served as a main dish. More than just their great taste is the enormous health benefits they offer to the body, depending on the recipe.

9. Nkwobi

Do you love spicy foods? Then you may be in the right company. Nkwobi is a popular eat-out cow foot delicacy of Eastern Nigeria. It is prepared with simple ingredients such as cow foot, potash, palm oil, calabash nutmeg (Ehu), and utazi.

You can’t miss finding it being served in traditional events and family gatherings in Eastern Nigeria.

10. Nshima

Here’s another delicacy from Africa I bet you will love. Nshima is the staple food of Eastern Africa Zambia. It refers to thick, finely ground corn meal porridge.

Although the most common ingredient is maize, tradition allows for cassava, sorghum, and millet, depending on the region).

It is best enjoyed with relishes such as fish and vegetables and is a perfect choice of meal for lunch and dinner times.

11. Natilla


Natilla is popular milk custard in some Latin American countries. I can tell you will love this smooth, sweetly spicy dessert, a descendant of the Spanish Crema Catalana.

It is traditionally served around the holidays such as Christmas. It is also commonly partnered with the traditional buñuelos dish, native to Columbia.

Depending on the region, you will find many variations to this creamy dessert – from Mexico to Spain, Costa Rica, Cuba, and so on.

12. Ndole


Whenever you find yourself in Cameroon, one dish you will surely come across is the Ndole. This refers to an aromatic Cameroonian spinach stew consisting of spinach or bitter leaves, peanuts, crayfish, garlic, beef, and shrimp.

As a favorite Cameroonian dish, it is always present at almost all Cameroonian parties. It is traditionally served with a dish like bobolo or plantains.

13. Ninos Envueltos

History records that this dish is one of the Dominican adaptations of Middle Eastern cuisines introduced by immigrants.

It is a juicy mixture of rice and ground beef wrapped in cabbage and baked in tomato sauce.

This classic dish of cabbage rolls can also be prepared with other meat sources such as turkey, chicken, or groundfish. They are usually served with bread and/or fresh salad.

14. Norman Tart

Planning a trip to the Normandy region (the northwest of France)? Get ready for one of their classic dish – the Norman tart.

This region is generally known for its many apple trees and hence is at the center of this dish. Together with the apples, you have sliced almonds and sugar, with toppings of creamy egg custard.

15. Nettle soup

Nettle soup

One plant that boasts of amazing nutrition and health benefits is the nettle. A classic way to take advantage of all these benefits is with nettle soup.

This soup is popular in large parts of Eastern Europe and is nothing short of a bowl-licker. It is prepared together with stock, potatoes, a little cream, and spices.

More than just being nutritious, they taste great – resembling that of a combination of spinach and cucumber.

16. Navette

One food I bet you will fall in love with is the Navette. They are boat-like-shaped French cookies from Marseilles.

This light sweet biscuit is traditionally for celebrating Candlemas day, even though they are available all through the year. They are prepared with orange blossom water and olive oil, and egg as the binding agent.

A recommended way to enjoy them is with coffee or mint or green tea.

17. Navajo taco

You can’t talk about a family favorite in India and not make mention of the Navajo Tacos. It is a traditional Indian flat dough bread with taco seasoned ground beef and beans and toppings of chopped lettuce, sour cream, and shredded Cheddar cheese.

They are absolutely delicious and deliciously crispy on the outside, as well as tender and chewy on the inside.

18. Nopalitos


The Nopalitos is yet another popular dessert with the Mexicans. This Mexican dish is prepared from a combination of diced nopales and tender and marinated paddles of prickly pear cactus.

They are further tossed with cilantro, citrus juice, and onions. They can be sautéed and added to a range of dishes such as scrambled eggs and tacos or served by the side of any meal.

19. Navy bean soup

It refers to a small white bean that can serve as a standalone food or used in stews and soups.

As is typical of beans, this food is rich, satisfying, and a great way to feed a large crowd on a small budget. Recipes from these seeds are pretty tasty and easy to put together.

20. Natto

Foods that Start with N

You probably have never heard of this food or tried it before, but I bet you will desire to have more once you do.

Natto is a popular Japanese dish characterized by slimy, stringy, sticky texture, pungent smell, and nutty flavor.

It is made up of fermented soybeans and melted cheese. They are not only super delicious but super nutritious as well.

21. Nikujaga

Japanese dishes are not left out of this list of foods that start with the letter N.

Nikujaga is a home-cooked dish commonly associated with winter. The word Nikujaga translates “meat and potatoes,” which make two of its main ingredients.

They are simmered in the classic Japanese seasonings of mirin, soy sauce, sugar, and sake. The Nikujaga is a typical example of simple, homely, and delicious comfort food.

22. Nigella Seed

Nigella seeds, also known as black seed or caraway, are native to Southwest and South Asia. A smokey taste and distinct aroma characterize them. They have been associated with several health benefits, such as regulating blood sugar and lowering cholesterol.

These seeds are widely used as a condiment and can be cooked with stir-fries and root vegetable dishes.

23. Namakpara

There’s hardly any celebration in India that will be considered complete without a simple snack recipe such as Namakpara. Otherwise known as nimki, nimkin, or namkin,

Namakpara is a savory, crunchy snack with a crispy and flaky texture. The ingredients behind this delectable snack are wheat flour, salt, ghee, black pepper, and asafetida. It is perfect for any occasion.

24. Neyyappam

Originating from the southern Indian states of Kerala is another popular snack known as Neyyappam.

As its name implies, it is typically made of rice flour, jaggery, ghee-fried coconut, ghee, milk, and cardamom. It is characterized by a tender spongy inside and crispy outside.

It is a perfect evening teat-time snack.

25. Napa Cabbage

Are you looking to try something new for a delicious lunch or dinner? Here’s introducing the napa cabbage.

They are pretty different from your standard green cabbage, as can be seen from the feathery features of their pale green or soft, crinkly yellow leaves or thick white ribs.

They work well for raw and cooked applications such as braising, stewing, grilling, stir-frying and boiling.

26. Nargesi

Here comes an Iranian dish in this list of foods that begin with the letter N – Nargesi. This dish consists of eggs, spinach, and fried onion, with pepper, garlic, and salt spicing.

As easy as a dish to put together, the nargesi is very nutritious, yummy, and inexpensive.

27. Nihari


Nihari is a Pakistani beef stew made with shank meat, beef or lamb and mutton, and bone marrow. It is what you get with the deliciously soft flour-based stew – Nihari.

It is a standalone Pakistani recipe made of slow-cooked meat and a myriad of spices. The meats are mainly beef, lamb and/or mutton, goat and/or chicken, alongside bone marrow.

This dish is usually reserved for special occasions because of the long time it takes to cook.

28. Nesselrode

Nesselrode refers to a dish consisting of chestnuts and often used in making pies (Nesselrode Pie), pudding (Nesselrode Pudding), and ice cream (Nesselrode Ice cream).

This dish was named after a famous Russian/German diplomat and lover of nuts.

It is famous for its delectable and delicious taste – whether as a pudding, a pie, or ice cream.

29. Neufchatel Cheese

Neufchatel is an amazingly delicious cheese named after a village in the French region of Normandy. It is considered the oldest cheese in France; features a grainy texture and sharp, salty taste similar to mushrooms.

More than just being delicious, they are packed with nutrients that promote good health.

30. Newburg Sauce

This dish tends towards being addictive, as it is extremely rich and delicious.

This sauce features ingredients such as egg yolks, cream, butter, cognac, sherry, and cayenne pepper. One of the common ways it is eaten is alongside toasted bread.

31. Nantua

It is said that the name of this sauce originated from a peaceful small town in eastern France. This town got famous for this same crayfish butter sauce – Nantua.

Nantua is a classical white French sauce generally made from crayfish butter, crayfish tails, cream, and a Béchamel sauce base. This dish is often served with egg dishes or seafood.

32. Necci

It is a kind of tasty crepes prepared with chestnut flour. It is a typical Tuscan dish and can serve as a main dish or paired with soft cheese for a more mouthwatering experience.

Honey can also be a well-deserving pair. Whichever variant you consume, you can be sure of your taste buds being blown away.

33. Necco Wafers

The brand behind this candy is one of the oldest in existence. This wafer is simply a sugar and corn syrup product with pretty much no nutritional value other than that it is free of fat and sodium.

They have over the years been famous for their alluring sweetness in rolls of assorted flavors.

34. Naengmyeon


It is a favorite Korean summer food and translates cold noodles. Naengmyeon generally refers to a dish of thin, chewy noodles made from buckwheat and starch from potato or sweet potato.

This dish is known for its sour, sweet, and savory taste; and is a very refreshing meal to have in warm weather.

35. Noon chai

Noon chai is a traditional tea beverage made from green tea leaves (gunpowder tea), milk, and baking soda.

It originates from the Kashmir Valley and goes by other common names such as Kashmiri chai, Kashmiri tea, or Pink chai. This tea features a divine taste, creamy flavor, and characteristic pink color that differentiate it from all other teas.

36. Nance fruit

You probably may not be familiar with the Nance fruit, except you are a native of the South America region, particularly Cuba, Colombia, Mexico, Haiti, and Bolivia.

This fruit can be eaten in its raw form or cooked. It can also be used to make ice cream or fruit juice. Much more than your regular fruits, they are packed with loads of nutrients and vitamins, hence their medicinal uses.

37. Nori

These leafy sea greens deserve a spot on this list. Nori is one of the most recognizable seaweed and comes in black or dark green dried sheets, as the Japanese call it. They are known for their unique flavor and can be eaten as a snack or used to make several dishes, such as sushi rolls, stews, and soups smoothies, and salads.

38. Neep

Otherwise known as turnip, Neep is a root vegetable commonly associated with Scottish cuisines. They can be used in stews and soups and also served mashed.

When mashed, they are traditionally served with tatties and haggis. When done right, they can be delicious and work well alongside any roast dinner.

39. Nokhod polo

Rice has been known to be a big part of the Persian meal, and such is Nokhod polo. This variation of Persian rice features a combo of saffron-infused basmati rice with dill and peas.

It is delicious, comforting, and goes well with fried eggs or vegetable stew.

40. Natal Plum

Natal plum, also known as Carissa macrocarpa, is a shrub native of South Africa. The part of this shrub we are concerned with is the only edible part is the fruit.

They are highly nutritious and gorgeously flavored and can be made into a delicious jam.

41. Navrattan korma

Are you looking to treat your family and friends to an amazingly delicious and healthy dish? This may be what you need.

This is simply a combo of vegetables, fruits, paneer cheese, and nuts in a tomato cream sauce. This is a rich and delicious dish particularly popular in North India.

42. New England Clam Chowder

It’s a type of soup originating from the northeastern United States, specifically the New England region. It is known for its creamy base and chunky ingredients, which typically include clams, potatoes, onions, and sometimes bacon or salt pork.

It is often served with oyster crackers on top. Variations of clam chowder include Manhattan Clam Chowder, which has a tomato-based broth instead of cream.

43. Nectarine

Nectarines are similar to peaches but they have a smoother skin and slightly different taste. The nectarine tree originates from China and is now popular around the world for its sweet and juicy fruit.

The fruit is a good source of vitamins A and C, and it is often eaten raw, although it can also be baked or used in jams and preserves. The stone in the middle of the fruit is inedible.

44. New York Cheesecake (Dessert)

New York Cheesecake is a rich, creamy type of dessert made from cream cheese, sugar, eggs, and a crust usually made from crushed graham crackers or cookies. It gets its name from its city of origin, New York City, where it was first made by Jewish immigrants. Unlike other cheesecakes, New York cheesecake is often served plain or with a simple strawberry sauce, allowing the flavor of the actual cheesecake to take center stage.

It is generally dense and smooth, with a slight hint of lemon flavor. This cheesecake came into popularity in the early 20th century and has remained a favorite dessert in America and many other parts of the world.

45. Navel Orange

Navel oranges are indeed considered winter oranges, as they are typically in season and at their peak of freshness between November and April. Navel oranges are known for their thick skin, which makes them easy to peel, and their sweet, juicy flesh, which is seedless and perfect for eating fresh or using in recipes.

Navel oranges are named for the small, navel-like mark on their peel that looks like a human belly button. In terms of nutritional value, they are great sources of vitamin C, fiber, and several other vitamins and minerals.

46. Nashi Pear

Nashi Pear is a type of fruit that originated in East Asia. It is also known as an Asian pear, apple pear, or sand pear. It has a round shape similar to an apple, but with a taste and texture that is similar to a pear. Nashi Pears are crisp, juicy, and can vary from sweet to tart in flavor. They are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and dietary fiber.

47. Nutella

Nutella is a brand of sweetened hazelnut cocoa spread. It is manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. The spread is primarily composed of sugar and palm oil, with small amounts of hazelnut, cocoa solids, and skimmed milk. Nutella is commonly spread on bread, pancakes, and other grain products, and also used as a filling in pastries, such as crepes and croissants.

48. Neapolitan ice cream

Neapolitan ice cream is a type of ice cream made up of three separate blocks of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors, side by side in the same container. The name comes from the city of Naples in Italy, renowned for its variety of cuisines and flavors.

Despite its name, Neapolitan ice cream is a distinctly American creation, dating back to the late 19th century. It was initially offered in a variety of flavors to mimic Neapolitan-style ices and was later simplified to the three core flavors.


Final Words On Foods/ Snacks that Start with N

There you go with a list of some foods that start with N. These foods are simply endless – from snacks to desserts, candies, bread, veggies, and fruits, and so on.

I hope you enjoyed the list and find it helpful.

If you have any questions or suggestions of food that starts with n should be included in the list, kindly drop them in the comment section below

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