What Is The Best Tortilla Press To Buy In 2023?

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One food you can’t help but fall in love with is delicious Tortillas. But, it usually takes a great deal of effort and time to make. And as such most people prefer getting it at the grocery store and shopping mall.

As much as it is convenient buying them in these grocery stores, it is usually not healthy. To prepare tortillas for yourself and family at home, you need the best tortilla press. This way you can control the quality of ingredients used.

Top 5 Best Tortilla Press

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What Is A Tortilla Press?

For the benefit of those who have no idea about this device, let’s familiarize ourselves a bit. A tortilla press is a machine that comes with a pair of round flat surfaces to crushing dough balls into tortilla shapes.

It is made up of a handle, loop, and base. Before this handy tool come into existence, tortillas were prepared by using human hands to flatten the flesh dough. In such cases, you need to be skilled to flatten the dough balls into thin, round tortillas.

Thanks to technology, the process of making these delicious food have become easier.


Types of Tortilla Press

Tortilla presses come in different types. Basically categorized according to the type of material used and not necessarily in their design.

1. Cast Iron

This is the most common type of tortilla press you will find on the market. The advantage this material has over others is its weight and sturdiness. Its weight makes for less pressure in pressing your dough to your preferred shape. With this characteristic, you can be sure the tool will not buck or slide during operation.

But, the disadvantage the cast iron has is its very hefty and bulky characteristic, which also makes it difficult to store. For this reason, it is not ideal and convenient for outdoor use. Also, if exposed to moisture, it tends to rust and as such requires a lot of care if you want it to last for long.

2. Cast Aluminum

This is yet another popular material used in making tortilla presses. It is lightweight and easy to handle. It is characterized by a silver appearance, making it very attractive. As much as it can corrode, it doesn’t rust.

With the reduced weight of this tool comes its demerits, one of which is that it will need a lot of extra effort to get the perfect shape of the tortillas. Even with this the thinness and consistency of the disk cannot be compared to that of the cast iron. Compared to cast iron, they need less maintenance.

It is also important to note here that because of the too much pressure usually applied to this tool, it easily breaks and snaps.


Another material used in making tortilla presses is wood. This is the type of press you get to find in the Mexican kitchens. There are different kinds of wood usually used in making them, ranging from pine wood to mesquite, maple, oak, etc.

Thus, every wooden tortilla press takes on the characteristic of the wood used in making it – from its costs to its effectiveness. For instance, hardwood models are heavier and as such produce more force for achieving evenly and thin shaped disks.

Wooden models of this machine are usually bulky and not ideal for outdoor use. One disadvantage wood has is its proneness to warping and cracking.

4. Plastic

Tortilla presses also exist in plastic models. But, they are probably the least preferred of all types. This is usually because of the combination of their lightweight and flimsy characteristics.

The result of its flimsy attributes is that it might not allow for enough pressure on the dough required to produce even and perfectly shaped tortillas.

Additionally, the plastic may contain harmful chemical substances referred to as BPA. When these substances accumulate in the body, they could result in cancer and metabolic disorders.


Electric Vs. Manual

A tortilla press is sometimes categorized into electric and/or manual. Your choice at the end of the day boils down to your needs or preference. While the purpose and output of both types are the same, they each have their unique merit and demerits.

The electric models are for those that don’t want too much hassle when it comes to the steps in making tortillas. Manuals, on the other hand, need you having pans and pots by the side to turn to after the traditional pressing.

Also, electric ones can be used to prepare other types of foods like crepes, pizzelles, and quesadillas. This way, you have an appliance that is versatile.

While electric tortilla makers may be convenient, manual models are usually easier to maintain and of course, won’t add to your electricity bill.


Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Tortilla Press

1. Build quality

A major concern with devices such as tortilla presses is how long it is going to last. With some of these tools, their handles get easily snapped when too much pressure is applied. In the subject of durability, an ideal choice of tortilla to go for is the cast-iron models.

Other than the material used, the build and design of the device also play a role in determining its durability.

2. Size

Generally, when it comes to kitchen appliances, size is usually a significant factor to consider. Even though tortillas are bulky and can as such tend to consume a lot of space, there are a good number of them that are smaller.

You can find units that are only six inches and these sizes can be ideal for tacos and mini quesadillas. Your best bet actually is around 8 inches as they are perfect for full-sized enchiladas, quesadillas, and burritos.

As much as the smaller the unit, the easier it is to store, it is also important that you get what it is you want from the tortilla maker. Another thing you want to consider is how much space your kitchen can accommodate.

3. Easy to Clean

No matter how sophisticated the tortilla press you’re going for, it is very necessary that it is easy to clean and maintain. How easy it will be to clean and maintain this tool is to a large extent determined by the material used in making it and its design as well.

Tortillas constructed with cast iron are considered the easiest to clean and wooden models on the other hand as the most difficult. Also with complexly shaped, it is usually difficult to clean, and then unfriendly with a dishwasher. The level of smoothness of the surface also tells how easy it will be to clean.

4. Extras

I am yet to see someone who would not be interested to get some extra perks for his/her money spent. This is also the case with the best tortilla press. For instance, some brands add an eBook with useful recipes and guidance on how to maximize the use of the press.

There are others that come with a barbecue glove. And in the case of electric models, some come equipped with tongs, measuring spoons, and ready lights for an improved pressing experience.

These extras go a long way to adding to the overall effectiveness and convenience of using the tool.


Best Tortilla Press Reviews

Best Tortilla Press


Editor Review 1

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Are you looking for a press that you can rely on to make a delicious tortilla, you may want to consider this option – Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press.

This is a heavy-duty cast iron tortilla maker made in Columbia and comes in durable construction and allows for easy and simple pressing. By the material used in its construction, you can achieve your desired tortilla with just very little force. How easier can it get?

The efficiency, and smoothness, and even ease it offers in making you evenly and perfectly shaped tortillas are top-notch. One feature that stands it out from other cast iron tortilla presses is the improvements made at its handle and base. These new improvements make its resistance to a whole new level and make it more durable and allow for control over the outcome of the product.

This tortilla-making tool comes preseasoned with Colombian palm oil to help eliminate any form of sticking as a result of contact with the dough. More than just using it making tortilla alone, you can use it to make other things such as dumplings, tostones, patacon, arepas, and empanadas.

With the Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press, you do not have to worry about maintenance and it is easy to clean and maintain.

It is very sturdyIt is very heavy
It is cost-effective
It comes in an impressively strong build
It is durable
It is multifunctional
It comes with an improved base and handle

No products found.


Editor Review 2

No products found.

If you’re looking for a press that guarantees matchless tortillas, you may as well go for Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press. It comes in a very classy design of alternating stripes of walnut and red oak wood. It is also compact enough to be stored easily in any kitchen space.

More than just a pretty face as its basic selling point, this tortilla press performs beautifully too. This has been confirmed by a good number of verified reviewers. As much as it is a wooden tortilla press, it is in many respect superior to some metal models. Its weight and build make pressing a lot easy, requiring less effort.

Without a doubt, this unit guarantees to give you even and flats tortillas. They are very fast and easy to work with. You don’t have to worry about the safety of wood, as it comes treated with beeswax and food-grade mineral oils. The quality and character it has are unquestionable.

But, it is recommended to apply some measure of care when handling the tool owing to its wood characteristic.

It is made with superior quality woodIt is not dishwasher friendly
It allows for easy maintenance
It is very durable
It is easy to handle and work with
It has a solid feel
It comes in a classy and attractive design

No products found.


Editor Review 3

No products found.

One tortilla press that is ideal for creating perfectly shaped tortillas every time is the HIC Harold Import Co. 43172 Tortilla Press. This unit is made of sturdy and heavyweight aluminum and as such its durability is unquestionable.

It will last for a reasonable amount of time, as long it is being handled with care. This 8.5-inch press is rust-free and features a sturdy handle that allows for a good grip (typical of any traditional press).

Together with tortillas, it is great for moo shu pancakes, pita bread, mini pie, Caribbean roti, tart shell, focaccia, etc. This press is lightweight at about 1.2lbs, and as such is portable and easy to carry around. That being said, achieving your desired thinness and flatness will need a considerable amount of effort in pushing the press over and over again.

This is no doubt a great addition to your kitchen accessories. It comes with instructions, to help you get the most out of it terms of maintenance and care.

For your great looking and evenly cooked tortillas, the HIC Harold Import Co. 43172 Tortilla Press may be the tool you’ve been looking for.

It is easy to maintain and storeThe tortillas created are somewhat small
It easily cleans upA very thin tortilla is difficult to achieve
It is compact and lightweight
It is versatile
Its construction is sturdy

No products found.


Editor Review 4

No products found.

One tortilla press that boasts of its fine quality is the Iron World Pre-seasoned Tortilla Press. This product is very heavyweight and strong, and from a glance, you can feel its robustness. All these contribute to making the tortillas process a breeze.

This handcrafted device is made with ancient Chinese techniques and has proven to be very durable. Although like other tortilla press, it is heavyweight, it is light compared to the models made of cast iron. This way, it can be easily transported and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

It comes in a smooth finish that makes it easy and effortless to clean. It comes in a pre-seasoned, non-stick coating and thus does not need anymore coating, especially during the first times of use. It is also easy to use, all it takes is just placing your dough of tortilla in the press plate, close it and then press afterward.

Like every good tortilla press, it is multi-functional, and as such can be used to make other foods such as patacones, arepas, empanadas, and tostones.

It is easy to useIt is too heavy
It is very versatileIt takes much effort to maintain
It features a pre-seasoned surface
It comes in fine finish
It is ultra-durable
It is food safe

No products found.


Editor Review 5

No products found.

A great way to make better and fresher homemade tortillas is with the Norpro 6″ tortilla maker. This Tortilla Press is constructed with Aluminum and this gives it a smooth texture and shiny feel. It is durable and sturdy with great leverage.

As much as it does not weigh as much as cast iron, its weight is still enough to perfectly flatten your tortillas. It is very compact and as such easy to store as well. It is also easy to clean; all it takes is a dry or damp cloth to use in wiping. It comes in handy for large quantities! It is easy to use; all it takes is to insert a ball of masa and with just a press your fresh tortilla is ready for the eat.

When it comes to maintaining this device, you don’t have to be worried about any special care to be given. All things being equal, the Norpro 6″ tortilla maker promises to be a great bang for your buck.

It is lightweightIt is not suitable for flour tortillas
It requires less maintenance effortIt has a poor design
It is dishwasher friendly
It can handle large quantities of tortillas
It is easy to use

No products found.


Final Words On Best Tortillas Press

Amongst the few foods that have gained a fair share of global recognition, tortillas are one. If you’re not in that number, you’re doubtlessly missing out. A good number of people loving it proves that there must be something special about it.

Including tortilla press in your kitchen is one of the wise decisions you’ll be making today. But, hope you found this article helpful in understanding a bit about tortillas and how to end up with the best of the tortilla press?

Of all the above-listed products, my top pick goes to the No products found.. It is very durable owing to the material used in its construction. It easy to use and versatile too. One of its strong points over other models is its improve base and handle allowing for a great deal of convenience.

Not to forget that it comes with many extras such as an extra screw for the lever and detailed instructions on how to use and care for the tool. What more would you desire for a tortilla press?

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