Best Meat Slicers In 2020

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Gone are the days, when you have to tire your arm, all in the name of slicing meat. This is why a lot of meat freaks consider the process of slicing meats into desirable sizes with a knife the worst part of the cooking. The result is usually an uneven piece of slices in one plate.

To achieve even and clean slices, what you need is the best home meat slicer. With this handy tool, you don’t need any specialized skill in cutting your meat to specific thickness and size.

Additionally, your cooking experience is made easier and much faster. You no longer have to worry about an improperly presented dish of ill-cut slices. You won’t also have to worry about running over to the market for sliced pieces when guests show up in your house within a short notice.

This is a great way to achieve not just a perfectly cut meat, but irresistible as well and within a couple of minutes.

Top 5 Best Meat Slicers

Our Top Choice
BESWOOD 10" Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer Commercial and for Home use 240W BESWOOD250
Product Name (Link Jumps To Our Review)
Customer Rating
8.7in. Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer
Product Name (Link Jumps To Our Review)
Customer Rating
Most Popular
Chef'sChoice 615A000 Tilted Food Carriage for Fast and Efficient Slicing with Removable Blade for Easy Clean, 15.5 x 10.4 x 11 Inches, green
Product Name (Link Jumps To Our Review)
Customer Rating
Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer, 7.5, Gray
Product Name (Link Jumps To Our Review)
Customer Rating
Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer, Removable Stainless Steel Blade, Adjustable Thickness, Ideal For Cold Cuts, Hard Cheese, Vegetables & Bread, 7.5”, Black
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Types of Meat Slicers

Meat slicers basically exist in two choices: it is you either go manual or automatic, otherwise known as electronic. Let us take a brief look at the features and benefits of each type of meat slicer.

Automatic Meat Slicer

Otherwise known as electric meat slicers, this is one type of slicer that is common and is easily found in every kitchen.

As implied by its name, this meat slicer leverages on electricity to do its job. Obviously, at the center of its benefits is the fact that less monitoring is required when using it. All you have to do is press the required button and watch, while the electric motor moves the carriage. This partly implies that they’re very easy to use.

Manual Meat Slicer

This type of meat slicer is designed to not rely on electricity to get the job done. Compared to the electric slicers, the manual slicers are slower and will need you doing some of the handiwork yourself. Also, they are not ideal for use with a high volume of meat. A major benefit of this type of meat slicer is that they provide extra control.

Additionally, it is believed that manual slicers make for an improved flavor and texture, compared to the electric models.


How To Use A Meat Slicer

Generally, different types of meat slicers may need different ways of handling, but, there are still standard steps and rules that are basic to their functionality.

Depending on whether you opt for a manual or electric model, below are some important steps on how to use this equipment in cutting meat with a slicer.

1. Put on Disposable Gloves

Sanitary measures are always important when it has to do with food items. As it is recommended to wash your hands with water – particularly warm water. This action should be followed by putting on disposable gloves. This is also necessary for safety purposes.

2. Position the Meat in the Clamp Arm

It is important to ensure that you securely position the meat before slicing begins. To make room for the meat, particularly bulk meat, requires removing the clamp arm. In such a case, you place the meat amidst the surface of the slicer and the clamp arm.

3. Adjust using the knob to the required thickness

The adjustment knob helps to regulate the thickness of the meat slicers. This is achieved by the extent of the distance from the circular blade is. When that is decided, the product is now pushed to slicing and the width of the crack is replicated in the thickness of the slice.

4. Mind the Blades

These machines consist of blades that are large and sharp. This implies that there will be a need to keep yourself safe and protected from them. As much as possible, you want to avoid contact with them when they are in motion. One way to be cautious is keeping your movement and motion slow and steady.

5. Slowly and smoothly Push the Carriage

This particularly applies to meat slicers that need manual operation. You will be required to move the carriage back and forth with your hand (particularly your right hand).

So, your left hand will be used in collecting the sliced meat. Ensure that you push the carriage slowly and smoothly.


Factors to Consider before buying the Best Meat Slicers

With the plethora of meat slicers in the market, it is very important to be mindful of your pick. There are many factors that you should look for before you finally make the purchase, some of them are listed below:

1. Construction

The durability of the meat slicer is one important factor to consider as it determines to a large extent the durability of the product. This, in turn, will tell for how long or how many years the product will serve. To this end, you want to get a meat slicer that is manufactured using the best quality of material – particularly stainless steel.

Another factor to consider in its construction is the length and sharpness of the blade. Also, take into account the stability by looking into how sturdy the base is.

2. Versatility

Even though you have already predetermined the purpose for which the slicer is to be used, you may sometime in the future need to slice other food items. For this reason, you may want to consider the versatility of the product you’re going for.

There are many meat slicers that besides meats can be used for slicing foods such as veggies, fruits, bread, and cheese. As a matter of fact, some meat slicers can be used for all activities that have to do with slicing.

3. Power Output

The power of the meat slicer motor goes a long way to influence the performance of the equipment. It influences how much your slicer can handle slicing of your meat. When it exceeds this period of time, you may need to stop the activity to cool off the unit or stand a chance of the food slicer become overheated.

For a reliable and efficient slicing, make sure to go for a machine with sizeable power output. As a rule of thumb, the power output should be about 1050 watts or more. You can also go for an output of 500 watts if you’ll be slicing meats in bits.

4. Blade type and size

The type of products you want to use it on will tell of the type of blade you need. A machine that efficiently cuts vegetables and bread may need a different blade from that which cuts much harder items like ham.

Together with the type of blade is its size. The diameter of the blade is also something to always keep in mind during your purchase. For bigger forms of ham, you should consider a larger diameter. This means that hams need a combination of larger sized and smooth blade. Soft items on the other will need a small-sized and wavy profiled model.

5. Ease of cleaning

The ease of cleaning of your meat slicer goes a long way to avoid food poisoning and contamination. This makes it important to go for a meat slicer that is easy to clean. They usually have removable parts that can be easily taken off and cleaned. Parts to pay attention to while cleaning is the blade and carriage. These parts should be cleaned as much as after every use.

6. Size of unit

As much as you may want to get a big unit so as to handle the bulk of meat, you want to also consider how much room your kitchen can accommodate. The size also impacts the weight of the unit too.

This means you have to consider how willing you are to bring out the machine only when you have a need for it; also considering its weight. If you’re not ready to put up with all these, you may want to simply go for what your present counter space can accommodate.

7. Safety

It is important to give attention to the safety features a slicing unit comes with. As it is usually said, safety should always come first when purchasing any machine of this kind.

To start with, not only does this machine have a blade, but it is sharp and rotating as well. You want a piece of equipment that minimizes your exposure to the knife guard. Also, ensure that the slicer features an ON and OFF button that automatically locks when you’re not using it. Also, it is recommended to buy a cut-resistant glove to safeguard your hands in the case of accidents.

8. Cost

You will agree with me that at the center of every purchase is the cost of the product. While most of the time, costlier models come with extra features like control of precision, you can still get less expensive models that will give you what you want or at the very least close to it.

Generally, how simple or complicated your needs for a slicing machine is will impact the cost of getting one.


Best Meat Slicers Reviews

Best Meat Slicers


Editor Review 1

449 Reviews
  • Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade with protection against corrosion
  • There is no need to sharpen the blade frequently
  • Double Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V to avoid power shock for best protection
  • Slicing meat, cheese, veggies, ham, fruit precisely
  • USA standard approved: ETL, NSF

Are you looking for a high-quality top of the line meat slicer unit, you may want to consider the BESWOOD 10″ Premium Chromium-plated Carbon Steel Blade Electric Deli Meat Cheese Food Slicer.

With the exceptional features incorporated in this model, it is no doubt a perfect addition to your kitchen – whether home-based or commercial.

It is constructed with a 10-inch chromium-plated carbon steel blade. This implies that the blade is rust-resistant and will not just last for a long time but will also go for a long time without any need to sharpen it.

It is lightweight and can be easily carried; as such is suitable for use at home. This BESWOOD design features a premium V-belt which helps to regulate and cut noise and/or vibration. Its ON and OFF switch is doubly illuminated to prevent any occurrence of shock.

Other safety measures are also adhered to. Its built-in blade sharpener consists of two stones which ensures that the blade edge stays consistently sharp and is able to cut into tough meats.

It has a powerful 240-watt motorIt is a little very heavy
It achieves uniform meat sliceIt takes up a great deal counter space
It is durable and sturdy
Its blade is anti-rust
It operates with less noise
It operates with less vibration

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Editor Review 2

2. Valley Sportsman 8.7in
226 Reviews
2. Valley Sportsman 8.7in
  • Heavy-duty 8.7in. stainless steel design
  • Cut slices up to 9/16in
  • Features 180 Watt AC power; a built-in, side adjustment system and an easy-to-clean removable stainless steel carriage cover
  • Has secure nonslip feet

Are you looking for a unit that offers a great deal of convenience with the slicing of food items such as meat? This might just be what you need – Valley Sportsman 8.7in. Stainless Steel Electric Food and Meat Slicer.

The Valley Sportsman meat slicer is a heavy-duty meat slicing machine that comes with the ability to cut your meat according to your preferred size – whether into super thin or thick chunks.

Powered by a 180 watt AC motor, it features a very powerful blade that virtually slices everything it comes in contact with. This unit also features a removable stainless steel carriage cover, that helps to protect the blade, especially during an off-use period or when transporting it.

The carriage also prevents the food from contamination. To ensure that the machine stays firmly when in use, its base is equipped with a special non-slip suction pad. With an inbuilt food paddle, your hands don’t need to get involved or come in contact with the food, as such contact with the blade is minimized.

It achieves slices effortlesslyIt lacks cutting precision
It is equipped with non-slip feet for stabilityNot recommended for bulk slicing
It features a carriage cover
It features a nice and sharp blade
It is safe to operate

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Editor Review 3

3. Chef'sChoice 615A000
2,026 Reviews
3. Chef'sChoice 615A000
  • VERSATILE – This rugged slicer features all structural components made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, including a metal food pusher.
  • POWER - Extraordinary powerful high torque motor with gear drive
  • SLICING - Tilted food carriage for fast and efficient slicing. A special button secures food carriage in lock position to limit access to blade when unit is not in use
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - The 7-inch stainless steel blade slices a wide variety of foods from deli thin to 3/4-inch thick slices
  • EASY TO CLEAN DESIGN - Blade, food carriage, food pusher, food Deflector and thickness guide all remove easily for cleaning

One meat slicer that promises an efficient and smooth slicing operation is the Chef’sChoice 615A000 Electric Meat Slicer. This is one meat slicer that comes in a sophisticated design.

Furthermore, this sophistication comes in a portable form as such easily fits into most kitchen’s countertop. Its stainless steel and cast aluminum construction have a rugged feel and appearance.

It features an impressive power rating of 120 watts. and a sharp 7-inch blade thereby is able to cut large chunks of meat to perfection in the shortest possible time. Together with the smooth gear drive, you can be sure of nothing less than an excellent slicing experience.

It is equipped with four suction feet to help keep it firm on the countertop during operation. For ease in transporting and storing your meat after slicing, it comes with a food carriage and food pusher. When not in use, the food carriage locks and contact with the blade is restricted. This is a safety function that is priceless.

Its blade is very efficientIts power is on the low side
It is versatileIt requires constant sliding
It is easy to clean
It is lightweight
It is safe to operate
Its operation is frictionless

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Editor Review 4

4. Cuisinart FS-75
906 Reviews
4. Cuisinart FS-75
  • Removable 7.5-inch undulated stainless steel cutting blade. Cord length : 38 Inches
  • Stainless steel removable carriage
  • Slice control knob adjusts from a paper-thin 1/32 inch to a thick 1/2 inch
  • Premium-coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing.UC Cubic Feet: 1.29
  • Blade, food guide and stainless steel carriage are all removable for easy cleanup

When it comes to performance, the Cuisinart FS-75 Kitchen Pro Food Slicer is one meat slicing appliance that is top on the list. Cuisinart, as a brand name in kitchen appliances, is known for its quality production.

This unit is made of a 7.5-inch premium coated steel blade, a stainless steel carriage surface, and die-cast aluminum housing. This way you can be sure that the strength and sharpness of your product will last for a long time. It features a knob for adjusting and regulating the thickness of the slice. If handled right, it has the ability to achieve very thin slices such as 1/32 inch and thickness as much as 1/2 inch.

Thanks to its removable functionality, it is very easy to clean. All you do is disassemble the parts and then with a damp cloth you wipe it clean. It is portable, lightweight and easy to operate.

With its non-slip suction feet feature, stability during operation is guaranteed. With an 8 inch and serrated blade, there’s little to nothing it cannot cut into.

It is easy to operate and cleanIt gets unstable during operation
It allows for precised cutsIt can get noisy during operation
It is compact and lightweight
It is easily storable
It is made of quality material
It is rust-resistant

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Editor Review 5

5. Elite Platinum EMT-503B
796 Reviews
5. Elite Platinum EMT-503B
  • DAZZLE YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY WITH THE MOST DELICIOUS FINELY-SLICED MEATS with the Elite Platinum premium electric meat slicer, which is specifically designed to help you save precious time, effort and money! How? Now you don’t have to go to the store and get sliced meat or cheese anymore! You can easily do it yourself at home with our user-friendly food slicer, No Dishwasher Safe
  • PRECISELY CUT SALAMI, HAM, MORTADELLA, CHORIZO OR PEPPERONI with our multipurpose and reliable meat slicer, which will allow you to enjoy your favorite cold cuts, hard cheeses, fruit, vegetables or even bread like never before! All you have to do is adjust the desired thickness for your food! You can easily choose from razor-thin to ½” slices and start slicing like a pro!
  • A MUST-HAVE KITCHEN ACCESSORY FOR EVERY MODERN HOUSEHOLD! Have you ever thought how easier your life would be if you had a practical meat slicer at your disposal? Whether you are planning a wine-tasting night with your friends, a Christmas party with your family or just want to make yummy sandwiches for your kids every single day, our meat slicer is a must-have!
  • SPOIL YOUR LOVED ONES WITH THE MOM-APPROVED HOUSEWARMING GIFT IDEA! Surprise your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter or grandmother with our professional-grade electric meat precision slicer today! She will love the easy-to-clean design (thanks to the removable blade) while the sturdy, non-slip construction will make slicing meat a breeze!
  • FINALLY, HERE’S A MEAT SLICER THAT WILL PASS THE TEST OF TIME! Unlike all those cheaply-made food slicers, our meat slicer is made from premium-quality die-cast aluminum, which is not only super-durable, but also rustproof and easy to clean. As a result, you can rest assured that your robust meat slicer will endure any abuse without skipping a beat!

If you’re looking for a device that meets all your slicing requirements, you should give the Elite Platinum EMT-503B Ultimate Precision Electric Deli Food Meat Slicer a try.

This is the perfect way that allows you from the comfort of your kitchen to enjoy freshly sliced foods. It features a large slicing platform and as such food slipping away during slicing is a thing of the past.

This slicer also features an adjustable thickness knob to help achieve your desired slice thickness. Whether you need thin slices for making smoked ham or thick slices for making a sandwich, the Elite Platinum EMT-503B has you covered.

It is equipped with a secure safety guide to ensure your hands or fingers don’t get hurt trying to lead the meat to the blade. It also has 4 anti-skid feet to help keep the machine steady and sturdy while in use. Its blade made of durable stainless steel is guarantees sharp cuts every time.

It is easy to clean, thanks to the removable feature of the device. As much as this multi-purpose food slicer is small, it is a powerful upgrade to any kitchen.

It is lightweightIt is not recommended for bulk processing
Its blade is retractable It is not recommended for sticky foods
It comes with an adjustable thickness knob
It is rust-resistant and durable
It features an enormous slicing platform
It is easy to clean

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Final Words On Best Meat Slicers

As we wrap up this article, it is doubtless that meat slicers are a necessary tool for the kitchen. Compared to using a knife to cut food items such as meat, it helps save a great deal of time, thus taking less time to prepare meals.

All the above products were thoroughly researched and meet most kitchen requirements. They are all somewhat versatile and efficient. But, my top choice of best meat slicers goes to BESWOOD as the best one.

Thanks to its chromium-plated stainless steel blade, you may not need to sharpen over the lifetime of the device. To start with, they are constructed from high-quality material that guarantees its durability and features a powerful 240-watt motor.

Particularly for its blade, it is anti-rust and also may not need extra sharpening over its lifetime. It offers great stability and produces little to no noise during operation. The design of this unit ensures efficiency and maximum safety. With the BESWOOD and the exceptional features it brings to the table, you should expect nothing less than a uniform slice every time.

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