What Is The Best Magnesium Supplement For Heart Palpitations In 2023?

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Heart palpitations manifest in different ways. They can do one of cause your heart to beat fast (tachycardia) or to beat slow (bradycardia). Palpitations can also cause your heart to flutter or even to skip beats. Sometimes, heart palpitations can make you experience pain in your chest or shortness of breath. Other times, they do not.

These palpitations can be caused by adrenaline, heart disease, electrolyte imbalances, anemia, arrhythmias, anxiety disorders, and low blood sugar. Many times too, magnesium imbalance and deficiency can be one of the biggest causes of heart palpitations. In such cases, magnesium supplements can help restore the heart back to its natural rhythm.

Top 5 Best Magnesium Supplement for Heart Palpitations

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Best Magnesium Supplements For Heart Palpitations

Best Magnesium Supplements For Heart Palpitations



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This is a high absorption magnesium supplement that helps the muscles to relax, supports the optimum function of the nerves, and helps cells produce metabolic energy. It also supports the normal rhythm of the heart as well as supports bone density.

It is easy to installIt scratches easily
It is very durableIt easily gets stained
It comes in a stylish design
It is high quality
It is well insulated and protected

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This supplement is a natural formula that enables healthy rhythm for the heart as well as electrical stability. It is formulated with magnesium taurate, magnesium malate, and magnesium glycinate to prevent bowel discomforts that may ordinarily occur from some forms of magnesium.

It also contains potassium to support the production of energy. Potassium is also another essential nutrient for heart health.

Its sink bowl is adequately deepThe sinks scratches quite easily
It features a soundproof body for effective noise control
It is easy to install
It is easy to clean
It is highly durable
It is rust-resistant

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This is an amino acid mineral complex formulated to ensure the maximal availability of magnesium. It is a beneficial dietary supplement free from soy, yeast, corn, and wheat. It is also good for people who have allergies because it is free from allergens. It contains taurate, calcium stearate, gelatin, silicon dioxide, and cellulose.

It is multi-functionalIts bottom builds up debris
It is easy to clean
It is durable
It allows for easy storage
It is well protected against scratches

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This magnesium supplement is formulated to enable nerve impulse transmissions, produce energy, enable muscle contraction as well as enable bone health while working to keep the heart in good shape. It contains cellulose, magnesium stearate, as well as stearic acid, and vegetable coating.

It is lightweight and comes in great shape and handy size. It weighs 1lb and takes up less space, so it is a great choice for campus life or even travelingThe buzzer is quite loud, and you might want to consider this when purchasing this product
It is an automated device that comes with an “auto shut off” feature that prevents overcooking and also includes a buzzer that alerts you when the eggs are cooked
A great point to note is that this product comes with a poaching tray, omelet tray, 6 egg holder tray, measuring cup, recipe book and recipe database access (all non-electric parts are dishwasher safe) and even a 1-year manufacturing warranty

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Nature Made is formulated to support the healthy and maximal functions of the heart, the muscles, and the nerves. It is also great for the formation of bones and teeth as well as great for the metabolism and utilization of energy in the body. It contains gelatin, glycerine, soy lecithin, yellow beeswax a well as colors.

The pan is easy to clean and has knobs on each cup for easy handlingNo con yet to mention, just that you should not be overconfident about the knobs of the cups. As you might need to use a napkin to hold the cups when it gets too warm
The non-stick feature of the pan makes it easier for the eggs to be poached
The pan can be used for cooking other foods apart from poached eggs
The pan is compatible with an induction stove

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Magnesium and the Health of the Heart

A deficiency of magnesium can cause a number of body functions to fail in such ways that can have adverse effects on the health of your heart. Of all the organs of the body, the heart, especially the left ventricle, has the highest need for magnesium. Insufficient amounts of magnesium can cause the heart to malfunction.

Magnesium has the following relations to heart health:

  • Magnesium functions as an electrolyte that is essential for electrical activity in the body. Without electrolytes which allow for electrical signals to be sent and received through the body. The absence of these signals would stop your heart from pumping blood which can have adverse effects on even your brain.
  • Muscle spasms can occur as a result of insufficient magnesium and this would have negative effects on your heart.
  • Your cellular metabolic, as well as mitochondrial functions, will be affected negatively by a lack of magnesium. This would also have consequences like causing heart problems.
  • Low magnesium negatively affects the electrical impulses which are responsible for the heartbeat and heart rate. This means that the rhythm of your heart would be affected by a deficiency of magnesium. This situation is called Cardiac Arrhythmias.
  • Low magnesium also raises the risk of hypertension which may result in congestive heart failures and the enlargement of the heart.

Generally, your risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) increases with insufficient magnesium. Low magnesium intake would naturally mean that there is a lower circulation of magnesium in your body which could lead to heart problems that may begin to manifest as palpitations.

The body essentially requires sufficient magnesium to maintain healthy body functions which definitely include the healthy functions of the heart. Taking magnesium supplements, in the case of magnesium deficiency, can help prevent a number of heart issues. It is also therapeutic and can help people who already suffer from some cardiovascular diseases to have better lives.



Side Effects of Magnesium Supplements

Magnesium can have toxic effects regardless of how essential it can be for the good health of the heart. Such effects could include nausea, diarrhea, loss of appetite, abdominal cramping, unsafe low blood pressure, irregularities in the heartbeat as well as difficulty in breathing.

Excess levels of magnesium, in addition to the above-named symptoms, can also lead to an electrolyte imbalance which can still have adverse effects on the health of the heart. Excess magnesium in the body can also lead to weakness of the muscles, confusion, increased thirst, and in worst-case scenarios, it can lead to death.

The accumulation of excess magnesium in the bloodstream can cause cardiac arrest which means that the heart would completely stop beating which can be very fatal.

It is, therefore, essential to keep your magnesium intake within the limits of prescription by your doctor to avoid an overdose which can lead to the above-named side effects.


Who Should Take Magnesium Supplements?

Magnesium is generally an essential body nutrient which every human being needs in order to have normal and healthy body functions. Some people would, however, need to consciously take supplements to boost the levels of magnesium in their bodies. People who are magnesium deficient would, therefore, need to use magnesium supplements to boost their magnesium levels.

As has already been said, magnesium is also very essential for the health of the heart and so it would become necessary for people with heart issues to boost their magnesium levels in order to have better heart conditions.

However, magnesium supplements may not always be the best option for everyone. People who have or who have had kidney problems, constipation, stomach or colon blockages, appendicitis or either too high or too low levels of any or all potassium, sodium chloride and phosphate should avoid magnesium supplements. If you have any of these problems and you have to take magnesium supplements, it is crucial that you talk to your doctor first.

If you suffer from diabetes or intestinal diseases, you should also ensure to talk to your doctor before taking magnesium. In addition, it may not be safe for people who take diuretics, antibiotics, or any other heart medications to take magnesium supplements.


Final Words On Best Magnesium Supplement for Heart Palpitations

With a wide variety of magnesium supplements available on the market, picking the best magnesium supplement may seem a bit overwhelming. The list above has been compiled to make it possible for you to purchase good quality magnesium supplements without having to go through too much trouble.

While every product on this list is an efficient, good quality brand of magnesium supplements, the No products found. comes with more benefits for overall health than any of all the others on the list. We can, therefore, safely say that it is the best brand of magnesium supplement on the list above.

If you have been experiencing heart palpitations due to a deficiency of magnesium, the above list should do you a lot of good and be of great help to you when choosing your magnesium supplements. Remember to stick to the prescribed dosages in order to avoid the side effects that come with excess magnesium.

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