The 10 Best Electric Skillets In 2023

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One tool that makes life in the kitchen easier is the electric skillet. This is my review of the Best Electric Skillets in 2023.

More than being faster and saving you time in cooking, it actually cooks better than stoves and frying pans because of their temperature and heating control.

They are also less bulky and save you energy.

If you’re like me with a big family, you can understand the wonders of electric frying pans. You don’t have to be a chef to take advantage of this tool. Even if you cook for fewer people, or for yourself, this can be a great tool.

They are more convenient and versatile than their counterparts and are packed with a bit more features.

Over the years, I have had to try some of this tool. I can boldly tell you that all-electric skillets do not work equally well.

I leveraged this experience and did a little more research to help you make your selection of the best electric skillet for your needs.

If you’re looking for the best choice of the skillet, the No products found. is what you need.

I understand that everybody is different. So, I’ve included reviews of the best skillets in a variety of categories depending on your personal preference.

Top 5 Best Electric Skillets

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Best Electric Skillets Reviews

Best Electric Skillets


Editor Review 1

Best Overall

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Are you looking for a comfortable and yet versatile skillet? Your best option might just be the Presto 06857 16-inch Electric Foldaway Skillet.

This is an equivalent of a mini oven, as it possesses similar features and accommodates a variety of cooking activities – from fries to roasts, baked stews, etc.

The Presto electric skillet features a state-of-the-art rectangular design that adds value to any kitchen.

It comes with a 16-inch base, which together with the high side depth allows for a sizeable cooking capacity.

Its handles are heat resistant, which means that it will stay cool all through the cooking process.

It features a built-in spout for added convenience in serving.

Thanks to the removable and nonstick surface, it is super easy to clean.

The Presto electric skillet is so portable that it is perfect for the kitchen challenged with space.

Together with a detachable base are foldable handles which makes it easy to store too. All you have to do is rotate handles inwards, which allows the skillet base to nest in the pan and ready for transporting and storage.

Not only is the base detachable, but is made of heavy cast aluminum which enables it to efficiently conduct and withstand high leveled heat.

Plus, you can be sure that your desired cooking temperature is automatically maintained at all times by the Control Master heat control.

On the downside, the nonstick coating requires a lot of attention and care to last long.

This is perfect cookware for any kitchen. It comes in handy for any catering and buffet situation, even with many guests.

Whether you’re a coking dabbler or just a culinary maverick, the Presto electric skillet got you covered.

It comes very handy for conditions that really don’t encourage the use of stoves such as students in dorm rooms, campervan, RV, or offsite cooking.

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Editor Review 2

Best Side Depth

No products found.

One name that has been associated with making some of the best kitchen appliances such as electric frypans is the Elite Gourmet.

This is a large capacity electric skillet perfect for a large family or gathering. Its body is made of thick cast aluminum and Black lacquer finish and thus resistant to rusting or warps.

The Elite Gourmet electric skillet features an M-shaped heating element that makes for even and thorough cooking without any form of scorch or spots. It is easy to work with, thanks to the glass lid.

Its surface comes in a honeycomb shape and features a marbleized scratch-resistant, non-stick coating which makes for cooking healthy foods and ease of cleaning.

Additionally, this combination guarantees a longer lifespan even with intensive use.

Elite Gourmet electric skillet features a variable-temperature dial with a degree range of 200-400F, allowing you to easily regulate the heat depending on the type of dish you are cooking.

With its integrated spout, you can easily drain extra liquids and juices to avoid the chances of splash or splutter.

It comes with a tempered glass lid which is not only dishwasher safe but allows for viewing your meal to easily keep track of the progress.

Its handles are cleverly designed plastic and are heat resistant, thus remaining cool all through your cooking.

One thing you’ll have to worry about with this product is the large amount of your kitchen space it takes up.

This is a perfect cookware for large families or someone who intends to be catering dinner parties. Bear in mind that it does not come with detachable properties and as such takes up space.

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Editor Review 3

Best Heavy Duty

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If you are looking for multi-functional electric frying pans that help you easily whip up breakfast and meals for a large family or gathering, you just may have found the perfect cookware for the job.

Bella house is one brand known for its impeccable products, and this product just takes its game further up.

The BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle is super fast at cooking any type of dish, from roasts, sautés, fries, bake, steam, and much more.

It features a large cooking surface, which allows for cooking a sizable amount of food all at the same time.

It also features a ceramic non-stick coating, reinforced with titanium for more resilience and durability compared to its counterparts. This feature also makes for easy cleaning seeing that with little or no effort, foods get to fall off even if they get burned while cooking.

One special feature associated with this cookware is its heat resistance. It has the capacity to withstand as much as 850 degrees. This heat control dial goes down to 400 degrees perfect for warming or less energy cooking.

An obvious downside of this product is that it’s heavier than most of its counterparts. This can be a challenge for people who like to travel quite light

The BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle is perfect cookware for anyone looking to easily whip up breakfast or prepare dishes for a large family or crowd.

If you are the busy type and are usually tired of the long hours it takes to put up a meal, BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle got you covered.

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Editor Review 4

Best Compact

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The Cuisinart Electric Griddler is a great way to inspire your culinary creativity and take the experience to a new level. This is another multifunctional unit worth having, as it can prepare a wide variety of dishes.

There are many kitchen appliances that will naturally become useless with the presence of this cookware.

This cookware features an exterior made of stainless steel. This obviously speaks volumes of its durability and visual appeal.

It heats up really fast and is easy to use thanks to its three digital-friendly control knobs that even come with indicator lights. This feature allows you to regulate and modulate the heat of the pan where necessary.

The indicators help you in on the progress of your cooking, like when they’ve been properly preheated. Its temperature control comes in a range of heat levels that accommodate the cooking of a wide range of dishes.

With such a simple control panel, this product can be easily and conveniently operated by anyone no matter the type of food.

It features a nonstick coating, which means that stains or leftover drippings are easily removable. Combined with the detachability of the plates I bet you won’t have any problem at all keeping it clean.

A notable downside is that it tends to be very hot, and if not handled with caution using oven mitts, it can cause damage.

This is a very compact kitchen appliance and is perfect for people living in a small apartment with little to no space in the tiny kitchen.

In such a situation, you want to keep the number of appliances to a minimum and instead focus on versatility and multi-functionality.

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Editor Review 5

Best For Budget

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If you are looking for affordable and yet very versatile cookware, the Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet is an option you want to consider.

This is a compact-sized skillet and provides fairly large cooking and serving capacity. It also fondly referred to as a family-size skillet since its capacity can accommodate meals for as much as four people.

The Presto 06620 11-Inch Electric Skillet boasts of impeccable and unique heat control that automatically regulates to maintain a cooking temperature suitable for the dish cooked at any particular time. More than just heating evenly is that it does so super fast.

This family-sized skillet features high sidewalls and a high dome cover that provide extra cooking and serving capacity.

Unlike a lot of other skillets, you don’t need lubricating with butter or oil, thanks to its nonstick cooking surface. This also makes it super easy to clean.

It features touch-cool handles that remain cool no matter how hot the skillet gets. This way your hands don’t get burned to try to hold them.

This electric skillet is perfect for any kitchen or camping experience.

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Editor Review 6

Best Design

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Are you a fan of good design? Then I bet you’ll love this one. The Dash DRG214AQ Family Size Rapid-Heat Electric Skillet features an adorable/exquisite/pretty retro-look and comes in a variety of colors such as red, black, or green. This way, you can go with one that complements your decor.

One feature that sets it apart from its counterparts is its tempered glass lid. It has a rubber seal around it that helps to locks in the moisture and flavor for a better cooking outcome. Not to forget its transparency that allows you to view the progress on your meals without having to constantly open the lid.

The Dash DRG214AQ is equipped with angled handles on opposite sides of the skillet. The handles are not just sturdy but resistant to heat and thus make for a safe and secure grip without the use of mittens.

It also features the TruGlide nonstick technology known for its high-quality and superior coating. Thus, you won’t have to worry about scratching it up any time soon. And clean up is as easy as a wipe away.

An exciting feature that is popular with the Dash family size skillet like this is the speed at which it prepares your dishes. Its heat capacity goes as high up as 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can say goodbye to the delay of meals.

A downside with this cookware is that it is not dishwater safe and should not be immersed in water.

This is an ideal meal maker for a small family and/or friend’s event or a fairly sized gathering or meet-ups. If you ever find yourself in a condition where you need a quick whip up of pancakes, burgers, pizzas, and so on, this tool is for you.

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Editor Review 7

Best Sturdy

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Another electric fry pans you will find very impressive and deserve a place in any kitchen is the De’Longhi Electric Skillet.

It features a very large frying pan that allows you to comfortably cook or serve a sizable number of people.

It comes in a die-cast aluminum body which means they are sturdy, strong, and very good conductors and distributors of heat. You can be sure of getting a consistent supply of heat and thoroughly cooked foods.

The De’Longhi Electric Skillet features a non-stick surface which means that cleaning of the utensil can be quick and easy, and of course thorough cleaning of the utensil. Additionally, you don’t have to stress over washing by hand as the skillet is dishwasher safe.

It also features a built-in pour spout which does more than drain off excess liquids and fluid but serves as a spoon rest or spatula while cooking.

You don’t have to worry about removing the cover time after time to check the progress of your food; its transparent tempered glass lid easily lets you in on that.

With its adjustable vent, you get to let just the appropriate amount of steam out so your food can come out tasty.

The side of the skillet easily gets overly hot. This can be a downside since it is not completely covered by the handle, and thus can cause harm.

Thanks to its large cooking and serving capacity, the De’Longhi Electric Skillet is perfect for cooking family dinners.

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Editor Review 8

Best Multi-functionality

No products found.

This is a typical definition of a multi-functional skillet. To start with, the brand behind this product has in time past been known for its dependable and reliable cooking appliance. Naturally one wouldn’t expect anything less with this De’Longhi Electric Skillet.

One of the features that stand the De’Longhi Electric Skillet from its competitors is that it comes with two separate pans. This offers an added flexibility of a standard skillet and a deep inner pot.

Another feature to look out for is its electric heating component located at the unit’s base. This component heats so fast and evenly distributes heat throughout the surface of the skillet. Additionally, it provides a wide range of heat output, where you select your desired temperature.

It comes with a ceramic and titanium enhanced non-stick coating which ensures that your foods don’t easily get burned or scorched, and any form of residue on the pan is minimized for easy cleaning. To make cleaning even easier is that the entire unit can be disassembled

To enable you to constantly keep an eye on the progress of your food, it comes a transparent tempered glass lid. The handles are resistant to heat, so you can easily move your cookware whenever necessary without your hands getting hurt.

While this unit allows for easy cleaning, it is not dishwasher safe and so can only be cleaned by hand.

Are you a tabletop cooking enthusiast or like to prepare meals on a cook-top? This device is for you.

It is also perfect for busy folks that desire a unit capable of managing fast, and yet delicious meals. Whether it is a family event or camping groups, the De’Longhi Electric Skillet got you covered.

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Editor Review 9

Best Oval

No products found.

Another versatile countertop cooking appliance you may want to consider is the Cuisinart CSK-150 1500-Watt Nonstick Oval Electric Skillet.

It comes in a smooth and shiny appearance that would complement any kitchen decor whether it is an urban country, a traditional style, or modern soft.

More than this aesthetics value is that durable and long-lasting ability, thanks to their stainless steel construction.

With such a large surface area and volume, the Cuisinart CSK-150 is a good choice for events or gatherings that will need to cook large meals. The handles are also large which makes for easy transport from one point to the other.

It features a temperature control dial that allows you to select from ‘Warm’ up to as high as 450°F. This way, you can easily regulate and select the desired heat needed for different types of dish.

It also features a see-through glass lid which allows for an improved visual of the cooking process and progress. This comes in handy and stylish when you’re using it for a buffet. Additionally, this lid helps to hold down flavors and nutrients from escaping the skillet.

A downside of this device is that its handles are not heat resistant and as such should be handled with care.

The Cuisinart CSK-150 is perfect for a buffet, group camp, or an event where cooking large meals will be required.

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Editor Review 10

Best Elegance

No products found.

The CucinaPro Electric Skillet is one electric skillet option I would recommend for those who are fans of nonstick surfaces. In the absence of a nonstick coat, you will need to season the pan with a little oil before cooking.

This is one electric skillet known for its elegance and fantastic looks. It is constructed with top quality stainless steel and that makes it so tough and long-lasting.

This is a fairly large skillet with cooking and serving capacity for a family or gathering of four. It features a temperature probe, giving a great deal of control over your cooking process.

Its lid is made of tempered glass that not only lets you easily monitor the progress of your cooking but adequately locks in heat.

It cooks quickly and evenly as well, which means you don’t have to spend so much time cooking and still achieve good results. This also means more time with friends, family, and guests.

The handles are cool to the touch and steel-riveted for safe and secured handling.

As a downside, it is difficult to achieve even cooking as all the oil tends to pool in the mid-point of the pan’s surface. Or, you will have to regularly move things around so the oil keeps making contact with the whole surface.

This is a perfect device for a family event or gathering of few people.

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing The Best Electric Skillet


Like every other kitchen appliance, electric skillets come in different shapes such as circular, rectangular, oval, and square.

This particular feature is largely based on personal preference. You may want to consider the spot you intend to be using the skillet and the capacity of your storage location.


This is usually the first consideration for most shoppers.

This is where the size of your family or people you entertain regularly come into consideration. It is important that your choice of skillet is large enough to meet up such needs. That is, it should have large enough space to efficiently cook as much as is needed.

For instance, a large family or someone who regularly host parties may want to go for a 12-16 inches skillet. But, singletons or family of at most 4 people may want to go for 8-12 inches skillet.


One of the obvious and major benefits of electric skillets is the ability to maintain a steady temperature all through your cooking.

Additionally, they offer a variety of temperature options you may not get with their counterparts. You can easily regulate and select the desired heat needed for different types of dishes.

Depending on what you are planning to use your skillet, you will need a model that offers the required heat level. Some skillets come with simple temperature options such as low, medium, and high while others come with more precise controls.


Handles are a necessary feature for an electric skillet, to help with carrying. Typically, electric skillets come with two handles on opposites, but there are some that come with just one.

Two handles are most preferred as they offer more support and makes it easy to carry or lift up when it needs to be moved or washed. It is also important that you ensure the handles are resistant to heat and so stay cool during and after use. This is a standard safety precaution.

Depending on your personal preference or storage methods, you may choose between foldable and non-foldable handles.


The average electric skillet typically comes with a lid made of glass. There are other options that may come with a lid made of heat-resistant plastic. Mostly preferred is the glass option as it allows you the advantage of seeing through to the food you’re cooking and knowing its progress without having to open the lid over and over.

There are also lids that are equipped with some sort of locking mechanism. This makes it easy to transport even when filled with a lot of stew and soup.

Steam Vent

Every lid is supposed to come with steam vents to prevent the build-up of heat, pressure, and moisture inside the skillet when in use. This way, there are no chances of liquid from your meal oozing out and spilling out from the sides. It will also help in preventing the lid from blowing off. The vents should also be adjustable.

Drainage Spouts

A typical electric skillet features an opening at the bottom. This opening, known as drainage spouts allow for draining off excess water, and other liquids while cooking the food.

This complements the purpose and efforts of the steam vent by avoiding the chances of overflowing, splashing, or spluttering.

Side Measures

Different electric skillets come with different side depth measure. Electric skillets with high depth are most preferred so that it is able to accommodate a larger amount of food.

Also, with higher side depths, it can easily accommodate the cooking and braising of foods that are oddly shaped, such as fishes, turkey, or chicken. It also comes in handy in reducing spattering when deep or shallow frying.

Non-Stick Coating

A nonstick coating is an important feature for an electric skillet. This coating helps to prevent foods from sticking to the surface (particularly the bottom) of the pan.

Additionally, it significantly makes cleaning easier. This also helps the foods from burning and scorching. While most skillets may have this feature, they may vary in terms of thickness. You want to ensure that the non-stick coating is durable and thick so it does not flake off easily.


Another crucial factor to consider when buying the best electric skillets after its size and shape are deciding where the skillet is to be stored (except you’ll want them to remain on the counter).

A lot of times, skillets fail to fit within cabinets because of their bulky nature. In such a case, instead of just resolving to small skillets, you may want to go for options with components that can be detached or folded to allow for easy storage.

Ease of Cleaning

No matter how much you love cooking, the story is usually different when it comes to washing the dishes. For that reason, you want to go for an electric skillet that is easy to wash and preferably using the dishwasher.

This goes without saying that an electric skillet with nonstick coating holds the solution to a great extent. Additionally, skillets with detachable parts come in handy here.

For instance, essential parts such as the electric coil need to be detachable so you can put them inside a dishwasher.


A key consideration to be made before investing in your preferred electric skillet is the material it is made from. There are many materials commonly used in making this cookware with each having its distinct characteristics, ranging from their cosmetic value, quality, or budget-friendliness.

Let’s take a look at the materials commonly used in making electric skillets.

1. Aluminum

Aluminum is indeed one of the most popular choices of material. They are obviously affordable and lightweight.

More than just being affordable, they are sturdy, strong, and very good conductors and distributors of heat. But, when continually overheated can damage the skillet’s coating.

2. Copper

This is also a popular choice of materials, particularly with a professional chef. They are also lightweight which makes them quite easy to handle. They efficiently conduct heat too but are usually high-priced.

3. Stainless Steel

This is fondly referred to as the king of cookware and for obvious reasons. They are durable and ultra-strong and very resistant to rust and stain.

They provide one of the best cooking performances with electric skillets and accommodate any kind of food.

4. Ceramic

I personally do not recommend going for a ceramic-made skillet. Their durability is to be questioned.

To start with, they easily wear off, which means you will need a replacement soon. On the bright side of things is the fact that they are easy to clean.


Final Words On Best Electric Frying Pan

Electric skillets are no doubt great cooking appliances every kitchen should have. They are your go-to option for a quickly made meal.

Outlined above are some of the best electric skillets you will find. It took some effort and experience to pull through with the list.

The best overall for me is the No products found..

It possesses a great deal of the features I believe the best electric skillet should. They are durable, sizeable cooking capacity, and evenly distribute heat all through the surface of the pan.

They are super easy to clean, thanks to the nonstick surface and detachable parts. The No products found. is worth every buck it costs.

I hope that this helps get you started on finding the right model for you.

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Best Electric Skillets BestSellers

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