Best Countertop Microwaves In 2023

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If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what is the best countertop microwave oven is, then I’d recommend the No products found. as the best one.

In our modern society, one useful and essential kitchen item every household should have is a countertop microwave oven. This is a far better alternative to the traditional stoves that can be tiring. Not only are they power-efficient, but they take up little space as well. And as such fits into the smallest of kitchens.

With this latest micro oven technology, you can do more than just make popcorn or heat TV dinners. They can be used to tackle other basic tasks such as boiling water, convection-baking, defrosting meat, heat, roasting and even grilling.

But, with the thousands of countertop microwaves on the market, choosing the top-rated countertop microwaves can be a difficult decision to navigate.

In this article, my aim is to help you make an informed decision on buying the counter microwave of the best value.

Top 5 Best Countertop Microwaves

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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best-rated Countertop Microwaves

1. Power

The performance of a microwave is influenced by the level of its power, and this power is measured in watts. This power impacts how faster and evenly your food will cook. This implies that the higher the wattage, the faster your food gets cooked, and evenly too.

For most microwaves, available wattage ranges from 500 to 1500 watts. It is important to note here that microwaves of higher the wattage, the larger it gets in size and the more expensive is price.

2. Exterior Size

Finding the right size of a microwave is important as you want something that will fit into your space. This means you need to know how much capacity your space or the countertop you want to put this kitchen appliance on can carry. And, in turn, ensure that the model you intend to go for does not surpass it.

This measurement will need details such as width, depth, and height. Usually, these dimensions come in different variations between 10 x 18 x 14 inches to 14 x 24 x 20.

3. Interior Size

Depending on your eating and cooking habits, you may want to consider the interior space of your microwave oven. As I mentioned, a smaller-sized microwave implies a low-powered microwave.

If the purpose of getting a microwave is to heat water, or cups of coffee, then you might want to go for the small size knowing that its power will be weak as well. Otherwise, you might need to navigate towards a balance between the size and power to balance.

4. Inverter Technology

This is one option available on many high-end models. This technology is created to maintain steady and consistent power and heat. Without it, microwaves are bound to alternate between low and high heat when in use, even when set at 100 percent.

With inverter technology in place, when set to 50, the power remains so until your food is completely cooked. This impacts the quality of your microwaving. Brands that offer this technology include Panasonic and Samsung.

5. Handle and Door Operation

This may seem like nothing to worry about, but on second thought you want to pay attention to how a microwave opens and closes. This can impact on the quality of the appliance and your happiness with it as well.

While there is no rule of thumb on this, you want to go for something that doesn’t create an unpleasant noise when shutting or heavier than the machine itself.

6. Settings

To maximize the use of your microwave, it is a good idea to have a variety of preprogrammed cooking settings. While these settings and buttons may not be necessary, the convenience and time saved when cooking is amazing.

Other than time and power settings, there are other settings that modern microwaves generally come with. There are a host of settings and one-button cooking options. This control is generally for popular foods and functions. There are some that allow for saving and storing your own custom settings in memory.

7. Sensors

In recent times, more sophisticated technology has been introduced to make these appliances intelligent. Some high-end microwaves have the ability to detect the state of your food and make necessary adjustments in power and time settings.

This means with minimal programming and oversight, you can defrost, heat or cook your foods with the help of the sensors.

8. Buttons

The more intuitive a microwave oven is, the easier it is to work with. You want to stay clear on units with complex control panels as they can be difficult to understand and use. This is somewhat true for models with knob it dials controls.

In my own opinion, membrane-covered buttons are preferable as they are not just faster but easier to clean.

9. Power-saving feature

With appliances like a microwave, there’s every tendency that it stays on even when it is not in use. Elements such as display lights and clocks will consume power.

In such a case, you want to ensure that they don’t continue to consume electricity. As it doesn’t make any sense for power to supply to an appliance that is not in use. This is where powers saving features comes in handy.

10. Noise

Some microwave ovens can be beepy and loud. It gets particularly annoying for a beep to continue even after the door has been opened. Some high-end microwaves come with an option to silence or mute beeps. There are also some that run with a still-sounding fan during cooking operations.

If you’ll have a problem with noise, you should look for one that operates quietly and allows for muting beeps.


Top 5 Best Countertop Microwaves Reviews

Best Countertop Microwaves


Editor Review 1

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Are you looking for a microwave that is not just affordable but high quality as well? You may want to take a look at this Hamilton Beach brand – HB 700 Watt Microwave. This appliance comes in a stylish look with a capacity of 0.7 cubic feet.

Its stylishness has a way of advancing the interior looks of any kitchen it finds itself. It features 700 watts of cooking power and is designed in 10 power levels for best performance and customization.

Additionally, it is equipped with six preprogrammed menu buttons and as such offers some form of cooking convenience. With one press of a button, you can cook popular foods like pizza, potato, and popcorn.

It comes in small size and so can fit into almost any space -whether it’s your kitchen or office. Regardless of this size, it still performs very powerfully and heats up fast. Since it is made in a small size so you can place it in your office, kitchen or anywhere else you want.

So if you’re looking to save space, this might an option worth exploring. This unit also features a timer clock that allows for kitchen multitasking. With its user-friendly control panel and clear LED display, operating the unit is very easy. This microwave oven also has a lock button for child-safety and prevention of accidental damages to kids.

The HB 700 Watt Microwave is UL approved which guarantees its high grade and the results it delivers.

It features multiple power levelsIts 700 watts of power may not be enough
It comes with quick-set menu for easy cooking
It comes with a timer feature
It features child safety lock for children safety
It is small and compact

No products found.


Editor Review 2

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When it comes to getting the most of what a microwave can do, you should give the Panasonic Microwave Oven NN-SD945S a try. It comes with 1250 wattage; this unit delivers easy, quick and convenient cooking, reheating and defrosting.

With a stainless steel finish, this unit no doubt complements any kitchen décor. Additionally, its eighteen preset menu options assure of a cooking experience that will be near-effortless. No prior cooking expertise is required to operate this appliance. Thanks to its control panel and preprogrammed cooking settings. In fact, with the one-touch sensor functions, power level settings are automatically adjusted, thereby taking away every form of guesswork.

It features reheat capability and a one-touch sensor and as such saves you a bunch on cooking time. Also, its inbuilt timer, you can be assured of a well-cooked food with minimal supervision.

This unit features the inverted technology and again guarantees an immaculately prepared food with its seamless and steady stream of power. This way, no matter how delicate your food is, the surfaces and edges don’t need to suffer. More than having your food easily and quickly cooked, they cook to perfection.

All these amazing features come in a compact design and thus less space is needed to accommodate this appliance. Also included in its design is a child safety lock so that young hands can be prevented from operating the oven.

It is made of stainless steelIt takes up a lot of counter space
It features Microwave Inverter technology
It is equipped with an automatic sensor
It comes with a turbo defrost option

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Editor Review 3

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If you’re after a microwave that is ideal at office break rooms or apartment kitchens, the Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven might be what you need.

In my opinion, this is one of the best premium mid-sized microwaves available in the market. This unit makes use of a power rating of 1100Watt in ten levels to get your food cooked in a matter of minutes. There are 10 power settings each of which works well.

On top of the digital control panel is the LCD screen with timer capability. This model of Toshiba makes available more high-end controls for specific tasks such as cooking bacon, making oatmeal, defrosting frozen muffins and making oatmeal.

It comes with sensor reheating preset function and so with a touch of a button it makes it possible to cook six of the most popular food items; from popcorn, beverages, frozen vegetables, potatoes, beverages, pizza, and dinner plate. This eliminates any guesswork in reheating.

It features a large digital display equipped with a clock function for displaying a countdown timer and the remaining cooking time. It also features a large and easy-to-grip door handle and this makes it easy to open or close the microwave.

Not to forget the child safety feature that makes it inaccessible to children to avoid undue accidents. With amazing features such as a digital control panel, interior LED light, black Stainless Steel exterior and glass turntable, what more can you need in a countertop microwave.

It has a high cooking capacityIt is slightly noisy
It comes in 10 cooking levels
It is equipped with a child safety lock
It comes in multistage cooking presets
It allows for custom memory

No products found.


Editor Review 4

No products found.

Gone are the days when smart home products were only associated with plug, security, phones or light bulb. A new array of smart home products is now found in kitchen appliances.

The AmazonBasics Microwave is a smart, simple, small and unique type of countertop microwave. It comes equipped with 700 watts of power and a 0.7 cubic feet capacity. Its uniqueness sterns from the fact that it allows for setup with the Alexa app and thus responds to Alexa voice commands.

How amazing it is to bring voice control into your cooking. With a set of voice commands, you can get your microwave reheating or defrosting for any desired period of time. This unit also comes with preset functions for specific foods and this can be activated using voice commands. This technology no doubt adds some level of convenience and allows for some extra hands-free kitchen time.

This appliance features over 24 pre-programmed functions for convenient and easy heating. It also features 10 power levels, thus guaranteeing a great level of precision in reheating and defrosting.

With all these features, it is surprising to know that the unit is not expensive and not difficult to set up as is expected.

It features over 24 pre-programmed functionsAn echo device is required
It comes with a kitchen timerIts interior capacity is on the small side
It is equipped with child safety lock

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Editor Review 5

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Toshiba is one name that has created a good reputation for the gadgets and the kitchen is not an exception. Another Toshiba product making this list is the Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven. And it comes with features that promise improved kitchen experience.

Made from a premium stainless steel, its elegance is one of its features you can’t help but appreciate. This makes a great way to compliment the decor of your space. It boasts of a digital control panel, interior LED lighting and six pre-programmed functions. It is compact, and lightweight and as such a must-have tool for your office or kitchen.

It features a power rating of 900 watts and comes 10 power setting levels; this is no doubt enough to get any food well prepared. With a 0.9 cubic feet interior capacity, it can accommodate a variety of food items.

Another feature to look out for is its power-saving mode triggered after being left idle for a while. The electricity consumed by the appliance is reduced to the barest minimum, thereby reducing the bill paid on electricity.

With its child safety lock, you don’t have to worry about your kids having access without your knowledge. It features a timer that allows you to multitask and not be afraid of any damage to your food. Installed in its interior is an LED light to help with illumination when other lights around fail.

It is portable and lightweightIts defrost function starts lagging after some time of use
It comes with preset-cooking buttons for easy cooking
It features a LED digital display
It is void of noise when cooking with it

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Final Words On Best Countertop Microwaves

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, or the kind of foods you prepare, a microwave oven is an essential kitchen appliance. And now you know what to expect in a microwave oven and what features and accessories can make all the difference in your choice of a microwave.

It allows you to spend more time doing what matters and less time in the kitchen. The above list of microwave units should give you a head start toward getting one for yourself. When it comes to my top pick on the best countertop microwave, I would recommend the No products found..

This is one microwave oven I consider of great value and effective. When it comes to useful features, it sure packs a bunch under its hood. From its sleek design to its multi-stage cooking option, user-friendly control panel, child-safety and so on. What more could you expect from a countertop microwave?

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