7 Layer Dip Cups

As written, this recipe yields 12 individual servings. To scale this recipe, use approximately two tablespoons each of refried beans, guacamole, and sour cream per 5-oz. appetizer cup.

Then top each cup with chopped 3-4 cherry or grape tomatoes, one tablespoon cheese, 3-4 chopped black olives, and a few green onion slices.

Items featured in this recipe and/or photos:

  1. 5-oz. appetizer cups
  2. Gluten-free blue tortilla chips
7 Layer Dip

7 Layer Dip Cups

Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 0 mins
Total Time 10 mins
Course Appetizer
Servings 12 appetizer cups


Guacamole Ingredients:

  • 2 Large ripe avocados
  • 2 Large cloves fresh garlic, finely minced
  • 2 tbsp Fresh lime juice
  • Sea salt and pepper, to taste

Remaining Ingredients:

  • 1 1/2 cup Sour cream
  • 2 tsp Chili powder
  • 1 tsp Ground cumin
  • 1 tsp Garlic powder
  • Sea salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1 1/2 cup Refried beans
  • 1 pint Cherry or grape tomatoes, chopped small
  • 1 cup 4-cheese Mexican blend, finely shredded
  • 1 15-oz. can black olives, drained and chopped small
  • 3 large green onions, green parts only, sliced thin

To serve: Gluten-free tortillachips


    • Slice the avocados in half lengthwise and remove the pit. Scoop the flesh out with a spoon into a large bowl. Add garlic and lime juice, and season with salt and black pepper, to taste. Mash with a fork until thoroughly blended and smooth. Cover tightly and set aside
    • Add the sour cream, chili powder, ground cumin, and garlic powder to a bowl. Season with salt and black pepper, to taste, and stir to combine. Set aside.
    • To assemble, add approximately two tablespoons refried beans to the bottom of each cup with a small spoon, followed by a layer of guacamole and the seasoned sour cream (two tablespoons each), in each cup.
    • Finish each cup with a layer of chopped tomatoes(roughly 3-4 per cup), followed by one tablespoon finely shredded Mexican cheese blend, 3-4 chopped black olives, and a few green onion slices.
    • Garnish each cup with a gluten-free blue tortilla chip, if desired, and serve immediately with additional tortilla chips on the side. Enjoy!
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    7 Layer Dip Cups

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